Space Cats Pop MOD APK 4.1.0 (Unlimited Hearts)

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NameSpace Cats Pop APK
PublisherBubble Shooter @ MadOverGames
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Hearts
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Shoot balls with cute cats in space in Space Cats Pop. Uses match-3 gameplay combined with simple shooting but is highly addictive. Do you want to explore the vast universe with the most beloved creature on earth? Space Cats Pop is the game you should look for. There is no complicated plot or requires meticulous skill and tactics from the player. Space Cats Pop includes only entertaining and satisfying ball shooting to relax. We already have a candy collection version also from the same developer. Now try to explore space to change the atmosphere. Confront the forces of evil and protect the peace of the universe.

Space Cats Pop mod

Download Space Cats Pop mod – Shoot balls to save the universe from danger

The goal for the player to complete the Space Cats Pop is to shoot down the cosmic balls floating in space. You have a boss of multicolored balls and must use balls of the correct color to make them fall. If at least three balls of the same color touch each other, they can fail. Keep doing this until you have shot all the balls or completed the level requirements. Although it is so simple, it brings indescribable attraction. Players are quickly caught up in the continuous shooting journey in space. The context of the game takes place in the universe, so it is beautiful and has a new uniqueness. Victory will come if you are patient and shoot the ball correctly.

The condition for the balls to fall is that they must be of the same color and collide with each other. However, if you do that, it will be difficult to pass the challenging levels. So you need to give yourself many special tools to make it a little easier to pass the level. Those are bombs with the ability to destroy many balls at once. Create space for you to keep shooting and complete missions faster. Use rainbow balls to collect any color you want. Missiles help penetrate the balls for easier shooting. A series of items and obstacles will appear. Applying them correctly to win will be a challenge that is not too difficult for you.

Space Cats Pop mod apk

Limit to complete the level

You are not if you think you can shoot the ball continuously without stopping. Space Cats Pop will be a bit more challenging. The number of times you can hit the ball is limited and decreases each time you shoot the ball. So if you have drilled all the balls and have not completed the task, the level will not be passable. Therefore, players need to calculate their tactics effectively. Since the color of the shadow is random, we cannot control it either. Shooting the ball is not accidental but must be based on specific tactics. The balls can bounce back when you plug them into the corner of the screen. Correct angle alignment will help the ball fly into a complicated position to drop other balls quickly.

Space Cats Pop mod apk free

Memorable reward milestones

Playing games without rewards is a big mistake. Even a simple game like Space Cats Pop will have a reward for you. That’s when you complete the levels and reach various milestones. Players will be given tools such as bombs, rainbow balls, rockets… With the same amount of achievements as you have. This small detail has motivated players to strive and challenge to overcome as many levels as possible. Up to now, the number of groups has reached 5000 and will continue to increase in the future. Gamers, rest assured when your journey is long. Keep shooting the ball and get more attractive rewards.

Space Cats Pop mod free

Challenge with friends

A convenient game that can be played at any time will be incomplete without playing with friends. Space Cats Pop supports popular social networking platforms. You will login to your account to the game and play as usual. But now, there will be a list of your friends playing this game. Their record will also appear for you to see and compete with who has the higher history. Play together at a level to coordinate effective ball shots. Or more competitive is to see who can shoot the most balls. Competing against other players in Space Cats Pop will be exciting and funny compared to the tension like many other games.

Space Cats Pop free

The cats are ready to adventure with you in this universe. Turn on your smartphone and play the most exciting space shooting game ever. Unfortunately, the old mechanism is not outdated, creating a good foundation for players to stick with Space Cats Pop for a long time. The vast number of constantly updated levels will keep you there for a long time. Don’t forget the lovely cats and the mission to protect your universe at Space Cats Pop mod.

Download Space Cats Pop MOD APK (Unlimited Hearts) for Android

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