Sonic Dash 2 MOD APK v3.2.1 (Unlimited money)

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NameSonic Dash 2
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Sonic Dash 2 – a sequel to the game with endless running gameplay. Start long journeys with different characters. Control for each character to move and avoid dangerous objects on the road. Ensure safety and do not let the game end. Your ability will be shown by the score achieved through each play. Enter the world with countless challenges created. Conquer and quickly set the highest records. Sonic Dash 2 promises to bring you more new experiences.

Sonic Dash 2 mod

Download Sonic Dash 2 mod – Race and overcome obstacles

Players will be able to control the character to go to all roads. Each road segment will always be changed from color to landscape. The beautiful scenery will also be a way to create the attraction of Sonic Dash 2. Challenge yourself through each race and do not fall into danger. Start with your character and make new breakthroughs on the track. Get high scores and assert your own abilities. Try your hand at the racing screen, explore your limits. Quickly get to the high levels, come a long way ahead.

Sonic Dash 2 mod android

Upgraded with many new features, but the gameplay is still the same as the previous version. The locations in the game are also invested with better graphics. Accompany each character to participate in endless races. Run, jump and collect new items. Run as far as you can and go all the way. You are a person who likes to conquer the track, and Sonic Dash 2 is a suggestion. A lot of obstacles hinder the player. Be alert and react quickly to not fall into the traps. A journey with a lot of challenges but also gives players an authentic race feel.

Sonic Dash 2 mod download

Companion character

Sonic Dash 2 has the participation of famous actors in the cartoon. With names that cannot be ignored like Tails, Amy, Knuckles… The main character you control is still Sonic, one of the people who can run fast and far. Let each character be started with this journey. Enjoy running on multiple routes, setting up the score you want. Each character in the game will have a different ability. The beautiful Amy can turn obstacles into valuable items. Knuckles’ ability to curl and soar will surprise you. Don’t forget to upgrade and unlock more new characters. Accompanying players on all races.

Sonic Dash 2 mod free

Power of items

During the racetrack journey, a lot of items appeared. Rings and orbs are two things that cannot be ignored. They have their own power, supporting players to complete their races excellently. Gold rings can protect, help you avoid dangerous objects. Bringing safety and allowing players to explore with the track freely. As for the red starring, it can let the player respawn after crashes. The orb gives energy, increases speed, runs faster, and can travel long distances. However, players also need to take advantage and use it properly. Do not be too dependent on them, use your strength to conquer all the roads that Sonic Dash 2 brings.

Sonic Dash 2 mod apk


Obstacles will constantly appear on your way. Cause significant barriers and create each challenge for the player. The enemy that always finds a way to put the player in danger is Eggman. You will face difficulties, the way with many traps. At this time, focus and use your own skills to pass easily. Curled up or jump high… make all the moves to get through everything as quickly as possible. Complete your mission at each level, move forward. Enter the new world of Sonic Dash 2, immerse yourself in the races. Download Sonic Dash 2 mod to participate in endless races.

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