Sniper Master: City Hunter MOD APK v1.5.2 (Unlimited gold, diamonds)

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NameSniper Master: City Hunter
PublisherJoyMore GAME
MOD FeaturesUnlimited gold, diamonds
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Do you love shooting games? Indeed this is one of the games that are no longer strange to gamers. Sniper Master: City Hunter is one of those games that takes you to a gunfight. The player alone will face many other opponents. Dramatic and always brings surprises in gameplay. You will attack the enemy with the gun in your hand. Combine smart moves and don’t get hit by their bullets. Go to every different area and do the shooting. Aim at each target to be able to defeat all enemy forces.

Sniper Master City Hunter mod

Download Sniper Master: City Hunter mod – Shooting Assassin

A battle with gunfire is covering the whole space. Sniper Master: City Hunter opens up a confrontation between you and other opponents. Their appearance on tall buildings creates a long distance from the player. However, with the bullet’s ability to fly away, the attack will continue to happen. The enemies will also use guns to take your life. Therefore, in addition to shooting enemies, quickly dodging counterattacks is also very important. Ensure safety, and defeat each evil enemy. Sniper Master: City Hunter lets you be an assassin, confronting countless other enemies. Show your ability and intelligent handling in front of powerful forces.

Sniper Master City Hunter mod apk

A dark city with a lot of bad guys looking to harm you. Life and death are fragile, you must fight to protect yourself. With only one gun, but that is also the weapon that helps you attack the enemy. Stand from a distance and shoot at them quickly with a gun. With the sniper mechanism, only one opponent can be destroyed at a time. Skills also play a big role, helping players to deal with all kinds of enormous forces. Each level of play will also be a different challenge. Go to every location, observe buildings and kill enemies quickly.

Sniper Master City Hunter mod download

Various battle areas

Players participate in the war in many different areas. Be it on the terrace, on the street, or everywhere there are hostile forces. At each location, players will also have to get used to the movement to attack accurately. This huge city will depend on you, attack to destroy other shooters. Each scene of the shooting will also be changed. Tall buildings with the presence of enemies, roads with gloom and darkness. You will never be able to predict what will happen, there are always unexpected challenges. The dangers are inevitable, every place you go will be a challenge. Each battle in the regions will also bring many new experiences. The way to deal, move, and attack also changes accordingly. Create an advantage and quickly defeat them.

Sniper Master City Hunter mod free

Upgrade new guns

Your companion weapons will be guns. Many different types of guns are provided in Sniper Master: City Hunter. Owning large guns, many different designs. Each type will have an other mechanism of use and attack ability. Rifles, pistols, cannons… are all-powerful weapons. As you progress to higher levels, you can upgrade your guns. This will make killing enemy forces more effective. Create a collection of guns with extremely high damage. Choose each suitable gun in each battle, participate in shooting, unlock more new missions.

Sniper Master City Hunter mod android

Levels with multiple enemies

Hundreds of levels with different stages are brought by Sniper Master: City Hunter. Players will be involved in each action of the shooting battle with each opponent. Start with a series of enemies with a large and powerful force. These are notorious bosses or armies in many corporations… Players will have to face them and have ways to attack them fastest. Protect the city from the bad guys. Become one of the best sniper heroes. Sniper Master: City Hunter will let players start with every screen, meet all opponents. Play with every level, complete the mission in the best way. Download Sniper Master: City Hunter mod city shooting hero.

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