Slap Kings MOD APK 1.4.9 (Unlimited money/1 hit)

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NameSlap Kings APK
PublisherLion Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/1 hit
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

V1: Unlimited money

V2: 1 hit

Slap Kings is an entertaining game with humour that is worth your experience. Participate in the slap battle with your opponent and conquer the victory. Unlock special powers to start the challenges ahead. Make a firm slap on the opponent, and of course, you cannot avoid their counterattack. The consumption of physical strength is also understandable, it requires a lot of skill when playing. Ready to face the opponent, remove them from the game. Decisive action, creating the most powerful blows.

Slap Kings mod

Download Slap Kings mod – Perform slaps on opponents

The arena is well invested and fun, with cheers from the fans. Although this is just a match that uses slaps, it does not cause boredom. Everything will take place with an exciting and thrilling atmosphere for players to feel. The separation between you and the opponent will be a table. Each match will be turn-based if having the opportunity to play first will also be an advantage. Try to slap hard, the higher you get score. There are many levels of emotions, from suspense to joy in each level. Defeat the opponent with a slap from the powerful arm.

Slap Kings mod free

Each battle will only have the participation of two people, you and your opponents. Outside the fence will be the audience gathered to watch. All developments will take place with unexpected details and realistic sound. Compete with many other athletes from around the world. They are all capable and experienced people. Each game will also be limited in turns to ensure the strength of the character. Appearance is a factor that cannot determine the outcome, so you do not need to worry when facing a burly opponent. It is good playing skills and strategy that will create excellent results.

Slap Kings mod apk

Perform slaps

The game will be started when you and your opponent are on the field. In general, Slap Kings can be called a real battle when you participate in the game screen. Make the most robust slap to let the other party lose. Wait for the right moment and put all your strength into the hand to slap. The person being slapped will have their health reduced, if they touch the zero line, they will be the loser. Each battle will take place in turn. Entering each stage will be a completely different feeling. This has also created an attraction for gamers, choosing Slap Kings for entertainment. Just perform a simple operation of slapping, the stronger the slap, the more points you will receive. Are you ready for this confrontation?

Slap Kings mod android

Character strength

Fitness is the primary concern for the character. If there is a lot of strength, it is easy to perform painful slaps. At the same time, it will also help increase the ability to withstand attacks from the opponent. You will also face slaps coming from them. Therefore, upgrading the character is a good thing to do. Try to get consecutive wins in rounds to get more coins. At that time, players will have the opportunity to use it to increase their strength, ready to continue fighting in every match. A strong power still prevails over the appearance of a big look. So don’t forget to improve your character’s skills and health.

Encounter with an opponent

Gathering athletes from all over the world. Each match will have to face a different opponent. Players need to equip themselves with enough strength and ability to defeat them all quickly. Moreover, encountering fat guys, thugs… is also inevitable. Attempts to slap hard to defeat all opponents is the ultimate goal. Challenge with characters, challenge with many formidable athletes. Become the slap king, get the victory after the competition matches.

Each screen that is brought will also be a challenge for players. Use your own hands to create a firm slap that makes the opponent fall. Compete in tournaments, destroy the opponent you want. Experience many different feelings through the match, compete with many players. Download Slap Kings mod to fight in the thrilling arena with powerful slaps.

Download Slap Kings MOD APK (Unlimited money/1 hit) for Android

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