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NameSky On Fire: 1940
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SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Airplane shooting was once a trend and is still showing its appeal. Sky On Fire: 1940 is the game I would recommend to you. It simply converges all the elements of a successful air combat game. Moreover, it is also set in the most brutal war in history. Sky On Fire: 1940 is about a battle journey. The conflict between countries in terms of the air force. Being in the framework of World War 2 was already too stressful. From there, the pace of each match will be pushed higher and higher. So you have to be focused on winning.

Sky On Fire 1940 mod

Download Sky On Fire: 1940 mod – The most intense and dramatic air combat

Sky On Fire: 1940 represents the brutal second world war. A place that claimed the most lives in history. Exposure to a variety of the latest aircraft to familiarize yourself with the battlefield. In combat, you will have to be proficient in controlling the aircraft. Just focus the fire accurately on the target. Just a slight deviation and the mission will ultimately fail. Every match of Sky On Fire: 1940 is as intense as a real battlefield. However, there is still a period for you to get used to the game atmosphere. And it won’t be too hard to get in.

Perhaps everyone knows the context of Sky On Fire: 1940 when exposed to this game. Those were the early stages of World War 2 in the last century. We will play the leaders of the key nations in battle. Includes four countries Germany, France, Great Britain, and Italy. This is partially correct and helps you learn more about world history. Learn more about the military forces of these four countries at that time. You also get acquainted with how to control the plane and start participating in air battles. Sky On Fire: 1940 exploits mainly in air battles. Therefore, famous naval battles or ground operations may not appear.

Sky On Fire 1940 mod free

Control each member

Each aircraft will have to receive the control of more than two pilots. And it’s not just about you controlling the entire plane. So you have to focus control on a particular pilot. Because each person will have a different mission and impact, this person needs to control the aircraft in the sky. Then the other person will be responsible for the weapons and shells. The other player concentrates the firepower and angle needed to destroy the target. You are transferred between pilots to perform maneuvers. The AI system itself will control the rest.

Top-notch fighter aircraft

The air combat system in Sky On Fire: 1940 is also something worth mentioning. The most famous aircraft models of World War 2 are added to stay true to historical documents. You will see Spitfires, Hurricanes, B.P. Defiant, Bf 109, Bf 110 Ju 87, Ju 88 or He 111… Can fly in the sky again. Their combat and control systems will, of course, have to be different. Each aircraft will need a different number of pilots to control. Maximum six people with a highly complex system. Let’s practice to be able to control them one day soon.

Sky On Fire 1940 mod apk

Complex task list

Indispensable to a fighting game is the task list in it. Each primary mission is a fierce battle that you must complete. They are partly based on real battles in history. Specifically, the air battles between the two sides of the Allies and the Allies. Each country will have its different plans to create complex tactics. Your goal in each battle is also other, possibly capturing a base in essential land. Or destroy the entire enemy fleet. The difficulty will determine the density and complex tactics you must apply to win.

Epic shooting mode

Besides many matches and breathtaking moments. It’s a pity if you can’t record any trophy images. Sky On Fire: 1940 has a dedicated camera mode for combat. At any moment on the battlefield. You can capture them from many different angles. You can choose the view from the plane’s window, the front of the complete view of the battle. It will be a milestone that is not only memorable but also very nostalgic. Each photo taken will be saved to the gallery for you to edit at will.

Sky On Fire 1940 mod apk free

Sky On Fire: 1940 may not be the most attractive due to sketchy graphics. However, what makes it most beautiful is the game modes. How you control the plane is also complicated and needs to be thoroughly studied. All the above combine to create a Sky On Fire: 1940 mod worth playing and experiencing. Don’t forget to try it if you are a fan of authentic tense strategy games.

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