Ski Safari MOD APK 2.1.4 (Unlimited money)

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NameSki Safari APK
PublisherYodo1 Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Ski Safari organizes a spectacular chase race right on places with icy snow. Extreme weather is like that; the danger is always around you, and running is imperative to run. Ready for long-distance races, you have to accompany the mascots too. Control it to go far; run fast before the whirlwinds come. The snow is getting thicker and thicker, showing that the levels are gradually evolving. Quickly reach the destination safely with classic chases; there will be no pitfalls in front of you. You should control your speed, look around to dodge obstacles, and successfully reach the finish line safely.

Ski Safari

Download Ski Safari mod – Stand in front of an avalanche

Where you take on the challenge is always covered in snow, and the routes are getting harder and harder than before. That is the challenge that Ski Safari gives you, also racing but not on the street. The landscape is covered with snow, and wherever you go, there will be landslides this you can’t control. Natural conditions are complex, so your spirit must be more robust. You are faced with challenges, rugged terrain and many obstacles. In addition, you also face wolves, legendary characters on the snowy roads. They will take advantage of your loopholes to rush in and run as fast as you can.

Ski Safari mod apk

You should not delay essential decisions, just run ahead; it’s not too late to think. As long as you go faster than the wolf, the character is safe; their fate is in your hands. Crossing with their companions, they are also courageous. Grasp the rope firmly to make your mascot move faster; the speed that makes Ski Safari is also overwhelming. This journey is more interesting if you are in danger. Otherwise, everything will be boring. They push you to speed up, delivering a stunning performance right in the snow. Prove the number one racer on a never-ending snowy battlefield, challenging in extreme cold.

Ski Safari mod

Unique animals

The animals that accompany you also have their characteristics when exploring. They will help you run faster, especially when encountering aggressive wolves. Penguins glide farther; Yetis are more challenging and suitable for running directly on the snow. You can also fly to the sky if you use the eagle. These animals are all impressive and help you maximize your ability to stay safe. They have different attributes, so the movement speed is also separate, it is necessary to try each species. They are preferred to use at each level because they are suitable for each terrain. But in general, in this journey, you cannot lack these unique companions.

Ski Safari apk free

Conquer the sled

Ski Safari has brought a list of unique snowmobiles. They are fitted with a professional wheel system suitable for this snowy environment. You can discover Santa’s reindeer car, cute horse, fox, and even a modern motorcycle. Any vehicle will give you a unique experience. Sitting on those sleighs each offers a different experience. Going into the rugged mountainside, the sled features come into play. They can carry many animals in the exact vehicle but still ensure the speed of movement. Ensure regular upgrades to avoid breakdowns on the road.

Ski Safari apk

Perform stunts

To increase their score, players use spectacular skills when driving vehicles. Give yourself the beautiful acrobatics that Ski Safari’s camera captures the moment. Your score increases to a breakthrough every time you escape an obstacle. The fast-moving cars will feel like flying; they will take you to the safest place. With the techniques you bring, always give beautiful results, inventing such top spins yourself. With the flexible use of shortcuts to increase speed and break in time, without control, the player quickly plunges into the cliff, which is considered the end of the game.

Ski Safari requires players to have high skiing skills, especially when using snowmobiles. You can get any means; it’s crucial how you own it. Each person will equip themselves with their abilities to avoid stumbling on the road. This race will last for a certain amount of time; how long does it take you to finish? You will receive the corresponding score. Compete right on the leaderboard, don’t let the enemy get ahead of you. Go with your teammates to move faster; they are very beneficial. Download Ski Safari mod, and run from the avalanche with a bright, speed-controlled ski vehicle.

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