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Billiards is a highly relaxing sport. It is also among the sports that participate in international tournaments. If before, when you wanted to experience this game, you needed to go to billiards bars where many gamers gathered, now you have an incredibly convenient option. That is using a smartphone and participating in the Shooting Ball mod game. This is a simulation game based on highly realistic and practical physics elements. It will make you feel like playing billiards is no different from reality. Moreover, you also have many levels to try with the current ability of each person. No need to worry about anything. Whether you are good or bad, when it comes to Shooting Ball, everything is fair. Each pool game in Shooting Ball has no specific time. It depends on when the number of balls on the table falls down the hole.

Shooting Ball mod

Download Shooting Ball mod – Table tennis master

In Shooting Ball, you will be an accurate billiard shooter. Your task is to use the stick to win each match. Shooting Ball still uses the same game rules as in real life. On the pool table will appear balls of different colors. The white ball is the ball that you need to keep on the table. The remaining balls are the target for them to fall into the hole. The two sides will take turns shooting balls with sticks. If you make a ball fall into the hole, you will continue to play the next turn. Otherwise, the right to hit the ball will be transferred to the opponent. The game ends when either side hits the last ball down the hole. At the same time, the person who does it is also the winner.

Shooting Ball mod android

Shooting Ball requires ingenuity in players’ skills. These are not too heavy challenges. However, it requires flexible observation and handling. Not everyone can handle this well, especially new players. Be careful not to let the white ball fall into the hole because it will make you an instant loser. Shooting Ball is a gentle playground that can relieve you of the stress and fatigue in life. The environment that the game creates is highly realistic, so it always satisfies players.

Thousands of challenging levels

Don’t think Shooting Ball is a boring game because it gives you thousands of challenging levels. Are you confident enough to complete all these challenges? Indeed very difficult to answer. Each level will be a different opponent. The higher you go, the stronger and more dominant these opponents become. You will have to put in more effort and effort to be able to pass or chase the close score. This competition will bring excellent emotional levels to players. You will progress and develop your billiards skills after each level.

Shooting Ball mod apk

Collection of billiard balls

It’s not just the balls on the table that amuse you. There is a collection of colorful balls for players to collect. They are the mark and recognition for the achievements and results that each player has achieved. Each winning match will bring you a ball. The more balls you have in your collection, the more twig balls you have. Step by step, make your ball collection diverse. Especially balls made with precious stones will be precious. This is the reward for the efforts that players have spent so long.

Conquer online arenas

In addition to the primary game mode, which is the match with the default AI, you can also come to the online arena. Where players can compete with real players. This new experience will help you learn and gain valuable experience. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to find a worthy owner for the prestigious championship trophy. What all the pool players in Shooting Ball are aiming for. The endless challenges that Shooting Ball brings will make you have a journey to become a top billiard shooting master.

Shooting Ball mod download

Explore the world

International playgrounds and tournaments will help you have a world tour. It brings players to many different locations. And you will also get to meet and interact with talented players from all over the world. A trip associated with a career in billiards will be significant and rewarding. You will surely enjoy and love this game. Download Shooting Ball mod to become the ultimate billiard shooter conquering all arenas and opponents everywhere.

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2 months ago

Can’t install. Is it for arm64 only?

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