Shark World MOD APK v13.49 (Unlimited money, resources)

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NameShark World
PublisherTap Pocket
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, resources
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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What do you know about the animal and plant world under the ocean? Probably not too much, right? So let Shark World mod help you have the adventure to explore the underwater world. This is one of the simulation games on the topic of construction. But the environment you interact with is not on land like other games you have experienced. It was again a world deep in the ocean. Surely this mysterious environment will make you have new and different experiences. Shark World will help you learn more about the animals living in the ocean. At the same time, there are exciting challenges revolving around nurturing, building, and fighting activities. Indeed Shark World will become an addictive game for many gamers.

Shark World mod

Download Shark World mod – Explore the shark world under the ocean

Entering the world of Shark World, you will come to the vast and vast oceans. Here players will have access to sharks. Shark World gives gamers a trip to explore the underwater world. Overwhelmed by the appearance of plant ecosystems such as coral, sea moss… The leaders of the ocean also appear more. Those are big and powerful sharks. They exude ferocity that is true to the name of the hegemony under the sea. The main missions and challenges of the player will revolve around sharks. Hundreds of types of sharks, from familiar to unfamiliar, are reproduced in Shark World.

Shark World mod free

With this game, you need to achieve the goal of developing the shark ecosystem. The actions that players take are always towards the growth of numbers and the strength of individuals. The aquatic environment is far different from the terrestrial environment. Therefore, players first need to learn helpful knowledge for the mining process to achieve the highest efficiency. When you can master the habitat of the sharks, this ecosystem will grow continuously. As the leading player, gamers must know how to build their system. Plan and execute them in the right direction that you have outlined. The results you achieve will show your talent.

Shark World mod download

Construction of underwater structures

Underwater constructions are one of the main activities of the game. They depend on the direction the player chooses. You can create a new space under the ocean. Those can be caves and shelters for creatures. Underwater construction is entirely different from land. It is influenced by many factors. From a limited resource and limited resources, you need to consider them carefully. This will help you avoid unwanted failures or waste.

Feed, take care

Any living species needs to have basic needs met. That is why Shark World did not ignore the nurturing factor. The player will be the subject of providing a food source and a favorable living environment for the sharks. These tasks are like you are raising pets. By meeting these needs, the shark system has the best growth. Their size and shape will change over time. This is also the goal that every gamer is aiming for. A sensible manager knows how to make use of available resources. The vast ocean will have diverse food sources that you can exploit to feed the sharks. Individuals with healthy growth will be better able to reproduce and fight.

Shark World mod android

Diversify the shark ecosystem

A diverse ecosystem is always something that every player is aiming for. It is determined by the factors of quantity and type. With the ability to spawn, players can let single individuals combine and create new breeds. But first, you need to help them meet the standards at the breeding stage. Provide hatching facilities so that everything goes smoothly. Soon from a poor ecosystem, you have a large population of sharks. From hammerhead sharks, and angel sharks, to megalodon sharks.

Shark World mod apk

Dramatic battles

To increase its attractiveness, Shark World also includes a combat feature the game. Adult sharks will be allowed to participate in these competitions. Like other games, the health bar will decide which individual wins and which individual loses. Each battle takes place in pairs. The rearing and strength of each shark will affect its ability to fight. Download Shark World mod to explore the mysteries of the ocean and your ability to interact with sharks.

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