Shadowverse CCG MOD APK 4.0.31 (Menu/One hit kill/Enemy 0 damage)

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NameShadowverse CCG APK
PublisherCygames, Inc.
MOD FeaturesMenu/One hit kill/Enemy 0 damage
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Shadowverse CCG delivers stories with card battles. The game always creates an excellent attraction for gamers through attractive gameplay. Intense confrontations between you and your opponents will take place. Use cards and apply tactics to every battle to quickly eliminate enemies. Confront a series of formidable opponents, fight on many different battlefields. Immerse yourself in fierce fighting, destroy all enemies. Conquer your teammates, show off your attack skills through top-notch card playing skills.

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Download Shadowverse CCG mod – Use magic cards in battle

Magic decks have always been a strategy to use in many battles. At the same time, it is also one of the inspirations for publishers to launch such games. Shadowverse CCG is a game that cannot be ignored, bringing an endless experience to players. Each match will be shown in the most detail, you will be the main character participating. Take on multiple enemies and use your own deck to stop your opponents step-by-step. Use your own intelligence to get away to deal with all enemies. Start the battle, declare war with many other people from all countries. Despite dangerous challenges, complete all goals.

Shadowverse CCG mod android

When it comes to playing, you will easily get used to it from the first time you play. It is not too difficult for players to perform operations in the game. Initially, the first thing to do is to choose a commander. Then draw cards and gather other warriors. Arrange into an army to coordinate combat and attack the enemy. Mana will also be reduced when you use the card to summon an army. Shadowverse CCG will also give players a score to start the match. With that number of points, the team that loses all the facts first will lose. This requires players to have a smart way to use cards to achieve victory.

Shadowverse CCG mod apk

Creative strategy

Without doing too many fighting actions, Shadowverse CCG needs to use intelligence. The tactics given will be the decisive factor in all game developments. Players will need to thoroughly calculate and develop the most reasonable plan. Do not focus on summoning warriors too much to cause damage. Combine attack and defence closely to make opponents quickly fall. Watch out for all enemies to appear, do not be subjective to be attacked by surprise. Timely prevent actions from the opponent, apply all strategies to each attack. Don’t let the enemy get an advantage in battles.

Shadowverse CCG mod


The card will be what the player will use in each battle. Shadowverse CCG will divide into two different types of cards to meet every battle case. Cards with images of all creatures will be battle cards. On it are clearly displayed attack and defence indicators. Players rely on that to choose a card that attacks all enemies. The next deck will help you create advantages during the battle, such as increasing strength, supporting more features in each duel. You should arrange into suitable decks to come up with powerful fighting methods. Quickly get the desired result, face all enemies.

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Battle attack

Shadowverse CCG takes you to each battle and duels against various opponents. The battles are never easy when the enemies have extreme destructive power. This is also a factor that creates drama, attracting many players. Face off against a multitude of different enemies, delivering deadly attacks. It is also a way for you to gain more experience in combat. Use all skills to declare war and defeat the enemy team quickly. Improve the ability to improvise in each situation, change tactics appropriately. Shadowverse CCG will be the place for you to show your strength through these fierce confrontations. Participate in each ranking battle, become the best warrior. Download Shadowverse CCG mod decks of magic cards for each style of defeating the opponent.

Download Shadowverse CCG MOD APK (Menu/One hit kill/Enemy 0 damage) for Android

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