Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK 1.32.5 (Menu/Damage multiplier/Dumb enemy)

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NameShadow Fight 3 APK
PublisherNekki - Action and Fighting Games
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage multiplier/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Continue to be a game released by Nekki that is Shadow Fight 3. The game has breathed a new wind into the fighting game. The game image is also carefully invested, bringing the most realistic look. Different from the previous games, Shadow Fight 3 is no longer a warrior hiding in the dark. Now, from their appearance, their names are all decided by you. Start entering the battles, take out your hands against the enemies. You will be attracted from the first play. Attack fiercely and dominate the game, causing all opponents to receive disastrous results.

Shadow Fight 3 mod

Download Shadow Fight 3 mod – Become the strongest warrior

Following the next game in the series of Shadow Fight games, Shadow Fight 3 has excited the gaming community. For those who love the dramatic fighting game genre, this is a great choice. Play the role of a powerful hero with proficient combat skills. You will face many formidable enemies and assert your own position. The game took place with tension, excitement, constant dangers were going on. Players will have to learn many new ways of fighting, promoting the ability to destroy the enemy thoroughly. Collect and use weapons to quickly make the enemy lose.

Shadow Fight 3 mod apk

The world appears with the context of a series of consecutive wars occurring. Each of the divided factions decided to fight, aiming to attack the opposing forces. You will control your character to move towards the opponent, defeat them step by step. Do everything to be able to fight their army as soon as possible. Three battle factions will appear, each with a different fighting style. Enter the universe with space wars, fight like real warriors. Ready to act and not let any force can harm you and your teammates.

Shadow Fight 3 mod download

Choose a general for the army

An army cannot fight without a commander. The important role of leading the warriors to participate in the attack. Step by step, build strategies and plans to make each enemy lose. You are entirely free to choose your favourite general, ninja, samurai or talented knight as you like. Improve skills, customize the appearance of the champion according to the style you want. A good leader will be a way to energize, bring a lot of energy and experience to his warriors. Help the army achieve high achievements in each battle.

Shadow Fight 3 mod free

Collect weapons, armour

Wars take place on a large scale, facing strong forces will not be without weapons. During the battle, you will collect weapons and armour for the character. Transformation for warriors is shown with unique appearances. The more support items you have, the easier your chances of winning will be. Special skills will also be provided for the whole team to resist any counterattack. Prepare well to come to higher levels of battle. Meet new generals, enemies with more destructive power. Take advantage of all advantages to be able to respond to all hateful enemies.

Shadow Fight 3 mod android

Various fighting styles

Each faction will have different ways of attacking. Participating in many battles will also help the army accumulate more valuable experience. Fencing, fighting… everything is possible when it comes to Shadow Fight 3. Your general will both command and join the team to enter the battle. Powerful blows, using consecutive punches at the enemy. All offensive actions are directed towards the goal of destroying enemy forces. Explore each fighting style and create your own. Observe each way of moving, how to coordinate troops from the enemy. Anticipate the actions they will cause to have timely responses.

The world of darkness with its battles going on needs someone to end that war. Build a powerful army, dare to stand in front of all dangers. Destroy formidable bosses, standing behind enemy armies. Harness the energy available in the dark, create a source of power, perform all fierce attacks. Will you win or lose against them? It all depends on your ability and intelligent attack. Download Shadow Fight 3 mod to become a powerful general that no force can attack.

Download Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK (Menu/Damage multiplier/Dumb enemy) for Android

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1 year ago

hey plz update sf3 to 1.27.1 mod

8 months ago

plz fix this bug: in the fight it shows open wound and i put damage multiplier to 0 but my i die directly what to do

7 months ago

Atualiza pra versão mas resente por favor 1.29.1 atualizar atualizar

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