Scandal: Interactive Stories MOD APK 4.4.1 (Unlimited money, keys)

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NameScandal: Interactive Stories APK
PublisherRole Playing Story Games with Choices Apps
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, keys
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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MOD Infomation

Important for avoiding error message in the game:

Before installing this mod you need to go to the game page in the Play Store and put it on download. Once the download percentage appears, cancel the download and install the mod

Scandal: Interactive Stories closely follows the heroine’s story, creates her drama, and explores all the details in this simulation. You control your love story, probing information about your partner to decide whether to love or not. Many decisions seem perfect but are not, still full of lies. The truth about the guy you love will be understood after a one-night stand or just a first date. The story is interactive through your questions and answers. Good or bad endings are your choice and cannot be replaced. Start to explore your love situation, and approach many guys to receive new love.

Scandal Interactive Stories android

Download Scandal: Interactive Stories mod – Choose a plot to interact with

Players who can see things will make their own opinions to decide which stories to follow until the end. Small bits also let you see yourself as a valuable, beautiful girl. You start with some general answers, capturing the situation you will have to go through. For example, date a guy, bolder go for a one-night stand with someone you’re passionate about. But unfortunately, that guy is Jonas, famous on TV and in newspapers who have been haunted for a week. You contact him but get no signal, and so unbelievable stories happen. So try to learn new relationships for a better story.

Scandal Interactive Stories mod

Scandal: Interactive Stories takes you to Evergreen Hills, a luxurious city cut off from the rest of the world. Here you conquer many muscular brothers, the body of which makes you fall in love from the first time. Besides, new experiences also appeared and became the focus of the Scandal. Here you have met Blake’s eyes; the two are texting back and forth and secretly understanding that they both like each other. But it’s a married man, discovered by the neighbors, and you are implicated. False rumors have happened to you, labeling you as a lie. Complicated love affairs make you also have a headache and want to end quickly.

Scandal Interactive Stories apk

Character customization

You will discover many beautiful looks from Scandal: Interactive Stories. Players can customize their characters, wear dresses and dye their hair according to their preferences. You can choose from many options, so do what you want and be attractive. With such freedom, you always transform nicely and dress boldly to attract the eye. All characters have beautiful looks, and no one is inferior to anyone; ex-lovers or ex-wives are brilliant. You are a girl who comes to a luxurious city, so you must be neat. Choose outstanding outfits with inherent charm, and interact with young men and neighbors right next to the house.

Scandal Interactive Stories mod apk

To build a relationship

Players will begin the journey to make new friends, increasing their interactions with you. The boys’ flirting and greetings also make you worry. Relationships with good neighbors must also be maintained because they are the closest to you and can spread any information. Find friends to play with or find your dream lover with appealing qualities. So, where will those friends be found now? Will Scandal: Interactive Stories satisfy you? Get to know the muscular sports guy, the handsome office man, and the girls. Even if the ex-wife of the person you love will come, a good negotiation will be less complicated.

Scandal Interactive Stories apk free

The decision lies with you

Scandal: Interactive Stories follow the question and answer mechanism. Players will explore many stories through closed questions and open doors to you. In various storylines, each interaction is a distinct difference. Players need to choose the suggested answer and enjoy the story. Many times you will also wonder what to choose to be reasonable. Sentimental messages and loving actions are also given as options. Players need to read the question carefully and follow the heart. Be bold about your love, but choose the guy you want to date carefully.

Scandal: Interactive Stories delves into each storyline associated with the scandal. Rumors all have friends, some are true, but some are untrue. You become disillusioned when you learn about the man you gave your life to. Only when you get involved in such rumors will you realize the true nature. Continuous interactive role-playing to expand the story and have a happy ending. You are trying to find a love worthy of the love you give them. Download Scandal: Interactive Stories mod, master in your pet, and hope for a happy ending.

Download Scandal: Interactive Stories MOD APK (Unlimited money, keys) for Android

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