Samedi Manor: Idle Simulator MOD APK 1.15.2 (Menu/Unlimited money)

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NameSamedi Manor: Idle Simulator APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

Don´t use on Tutorial/Stage 1
Activate Feature before enter the Game

Death is the end. The familiar saying about the importance of life is probably no stranger to anyone. But when you come to the world that Samedi Manor: Idle Simulator mod creates, everything is the opposite. The world of the dead can do things you never thought possible. It could be a business that enriches you, for example. That is what Samedi Manor: Idle Simulator can bring to players. Become a successful person and have status in society. Turning dead people into money-making tools for you is brilliant. Full and exciting surprises are waiting for you to discover and develop. Let’s build a mighty empire named after you. This model will surely make you a successful business person with huge profits.

Samedi Manor Idle Simulator mod

Download Samedi Manor: Idle Simulator mod – Become a farm tycoon

Samedi Manor: Idle Simulator is a horror-style game. The images appearing in the game will give you goosebumps. They are grotesque and hideous models of the dead. But it is they who will become employees in the production machine that you create. Players will control and guide these people in hell to work according to the plan. When the goods are successfully exchanged, you will get the first funds. Just like that, your business keeps growing every day. The underworld is no longer a terrifying nightmare that no one wants to experience. Instead, it has become the place to build your empire.

Samedi Manor Idle Simulator mod apk

Coming to Samedi Manor: Idle Simulator, there are many things for you to experience. The dream of a wealthy boss is already within reach of players. You take on the role of a manager. It is no different from other business simulation games on the market. However, the feeling when playing your game will be completely different because the appearance of fictional elements has strong feelings. It becomes more exciting and attractive to players than usual. Gamer’s farm will change every day. It is the result you have achieved thanks to the efforts and hard work of the members.

Samedi Manor Idle Simulator mod android

Hire staff

Business is not accessible. You cannot do everything by yourself. Therefore, hiring employees is an indispensable requirement. These workers will be allocated to different tasks. Each employee is a link in the smooth operation of the system. You will have to capture the strengths of each individual. This is the basis for adequately arranging the work to bring the highest performance. Besides, when work increases, you also need to add new employees. Use your smart brain and the knowledge you already have to build the most effective staff.

Samedi Manor Idle Simulator mod download

Strengthen management

Management plays an essential role in the overall operation of a system. Everything has been in its turn, but you cannot neglect your responsibilities. This is the time when you need to be more careful. You need to increase your management, so things don’t go off course. There will be more to deal with. That largely depends on the management ability of the business owner. You must do your part well to make the machine more robust.

Samedi Manor Idle Simulator mod free

Business expansion

Expansion of production scale is always the goal. Not only does it show growth and talent, but it also offers the opportunity to earn additional profits. Join more fields to challenge yourself as well as find new opportunities. Applying automation to production will save you costs and labor in the long run. Download Samedi Manor: Idle Simulator mod to become a tycoon in a business empire from dead souls.

Download Samedi Manor: Idle Simulator MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) for Android

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