SAKURA School Simulator MOD APK 1.039.95 (Unlocked)

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NameSAKURA School Simulator APK
PublisherGarusoft Development Inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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SAKURA School Simulator enjoys fun school life with a variety of transformations. Players will enter the world of young students, girls, and boys who are all beautiful and handsome. You participate in brawls, and your hostile forces are numerous. You play as a girl or a boy, and four people can play together. Usually, the game provides two character objects, the following two people you need to watch the video to own. When playing, you should create many relationships to be able to support in difficult times. With appearance notes to be revealed in explorations, keep experimenting in new environments to learn more.

SAKURA School Simulator mod apk

Download SAKURA School Simulator mod – Simulating student life

SAKURA School Simulator with the main characters are girls, but you will be the most special one. This simulator was conceived to represent multiple angles in the school. May participate happily in activities, but sometimes it will be war. Clashes with aggressive people often take place, and you are the one who takes the initiative to do it. The body shrinks or enlarges hugely in your powers. Players will be surprised about that miracle but will be filled with exciting things; knowing how to exploit you will win. Experiencing many challenges, you will stop at a certain point, but plans are still being cherished.

SAKURA School Simulator apk free

Players can change their appearance, increasing the game’s difficulty level to a new level. You can defeat a powerful army, and the muscular bodyguards are also dominated by you. Every campus in the school has your footprints left, but fight more than explore. The life of a teenage school girl is interesting; what you do is rebellious. You can also fly into the air to perform lightning strikes. No need for supreme weapons; just an oxygen tank can fly. But if you like to use guns, that’s okay; SAKURA School Simulator meets all your needs, as long as you have fun.

SAKURA School Simulator apk

Change your appearance

Players can choose a new image to change themselves in different situations. Put on a dress, style your hair and choose your favorite color. At higher levels, you will unlock more options, which means diverse styles of a student. The school uniform, vibrant red color, and golden hair make you stand out from the crowd. Go to the library, the canteen to buy cakes or travel to many other places. Fly high in the sky or wreak havoc on the ground, regardless of the police. You are daring and dare to do many unimaginable things. The changing appearance is also a way for you to escape from the familiar sight.

SAKURA School Simulator android

Get the weapon

Because participating in fights requires you to equip yourself with defensive weapons. The main highlight is the air tank to help you fly into the sky and the gun to shoot opponents from afar. The giant sticks you can also carry with you to cause harm. Going to the YAKUZA office to borrow weapons is also a good choice for you to implement your plan. Or it can be snatched, robbed from the hands of others, violently but successfully. More classy, ​​you need to use solid hands and agile feet to respond to the enemy. SAKURA School Simulator gives you many options to be flexible in each match, taking advantage of every opportunity.

SAKURA School Simulator mod

Join the fray

The wars between you and the enemy always happen, but the end seems nonexistent. You are satisfied with that, and the battles make you stronger. You don’t let anyone bully you; you need to intimidate others before they hit you. SAKURA School Simulator will say no to blood and death. That means you can only knock your opponent out, not kill them. That’s the concession of each battle, not wanting to trouble the school. Rumors and scandals will affect the school, so you should not overdo things. The interactive stories in the game work continuously, so fight carefully.

SAKURA School Simulator automatically engages in wars with the enemy. You are a rebellious student, so that no one can stop you. It is stubbornness that has made many successful but more challenging battles. Beat them all alone but will still come home safely, unique. The more you put on a new look, the more eye-catching you become; you want that. Although this is just a simulation, you will experience the natural feeling. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, some fights reach their climax, but no one dies. Download SAKURA School Simulator mod, and enjoy school life full of challenges and new things.

Download SAKURA School Simulator MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android

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