Saber Runner 3D MOD APK 1.0.1 (Menu/Currency multiplier)

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NameSaber Runner 3D APK
PublisherXGame Global
MOD FeaturesMenu/Currency multiplier
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Saber Runner 3D does speed races, overcomes obstacles, and reaches the finish line safely. You will control a minor hero to challenge the enemy and run fast to collect the loot. Collect armor along the way, defeat the enemy every time it appears and win the perfect score. The distance you conquer will not be fixed because it depends on your level of play. This challenge requires a lot of concentration, and if you are not too talented, you can also participate. Just run and move the character left and right to accumulate items. It sounds simple, but the higher the level, the more special challenges it brings.

Saber Runner 3D mod

Download Saber Runner 3D mod – Run to collect armor parts

A superhero like you needs armor that helps you protect your body when fighting. The times you get the cloak will help you fly high and overcome the enemy’s dangerous fence. Work hard and run fast, get many victories, and you will succeed. Enemies often appear unexpectedly on the way, so don’t be too busy looking for armor and bump into them. If you don’t solve them, you will be in big trouble, and the worst is stopping the race. Don’t let the experience fade away quickly, prolong the race as much as possible. Slashing obstacles and collecting armor are the top 2 tasks you need to conquer right now.

Saber Runner 3D apk

Saber Runner 3D organizes a large-scale race and wants to challenge you. Speed ​​is sometimes not vital for you, but skills will be preferred. When playing with tactics, you will be successful sooner, and the enemy will be defeated quickly. Enemies often come out in large numbers to take you; are you confident you can beat them alone? You may be surprised at first, but you won’t let them go next time. Instead, the chases from the two forces created thrilling moments. Later, the running speed increases, the bonus points increase, and the acceleration to the finish line. Try to get as many rewards before the game is over.

Saber Runner 3D android

Collect superpowers

Vital energy is vital for a superhero, and you win, thanks to it partly. You are active in collecting this energy through matches. At a high level, without it, you will hardly succeed. This is considered the most powerful weapon you can own. Besides, the sword that is always with you also needs to be upgraded in time to deal with complex cases. If you want to step deep into the ring, all weapons and energy support need to be improved regularly. Use points earned to increase strength, and restore lost energy after long battles.

Saber Runner 3D mod apk

Attack the enemy

Saber Runner 3D has installed a randomization system for the appearance of enemies. They appear anytime they want; your task is to defeat them. Directly slash obstacles, and dodge bullets from opponents to preserve life. Use a lightsaber to cut them into hundreds of pieces, clearing the way for the next step. The giant bosses are also mentally prepared, face to face, and fight. Fierce disputes help you mature and quickly grasp the opponent’s weaknesses. You ensure that when fighting, you must have enough equipment to perform counterattacks. Collect a lot of armor and capes to use whenever.

Saber Runner 3D apk free

Performed in multiple spaces

The planet on which you are challenging is also constantly renewed. As you increase the level, you can experience many different spaces. The sparkling light effects make your character even brighter, all with reflectors. The environment is as diverse as the universe or galaxy, and many choices for you. Just win the previous round, and you can comfortably conquer the next terrain. Many stages are established, and you quickly adapt to this dizzying change. Creating the ultimate battle space, the more power used, the more colorful the battle.

Saber Runner 3D belongs to the action genre, but there is no gore and violence like the games that happen on the battlefield. All are animated sketches, adding more colors in the matches, so it has been somewhat appeased. It took the effort to build and make a difference, so it was attractive to players the first time. You can conquer on many angles and use lightning power combos to win. Chase after parts of armor, even enemies. Many battles will make your hero more and more powerful. Download Saber Runner 3D mod, start running like the wind, and use beautiful power effects.

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