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NameRolly Legs APK
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What do you imagine when you hear the word robot? Indeed many people think this robot is just stiff and operates based on pre-set control. However, through technology’s brilliant development, many robots today are much more talented. They can deliver goods, work as waiters or do many other jobs. Some unique robots can even become confidants with humans. Do you believe in these dramatic changes? If scientists are constantly upgrading robots with many breakthrough features, game makers have another way. For example, they used the image of a robot to create the Rolly Legs game, which attracted many users.

Rolly Legs apk

Download Rolly Legs mod – Control long-legged robots

Rolly Legs are produced by the talent agency VOODOO. Launched only two years ago, for the first time in 2020, Rolly Legs’ achievements are not small. This is because the game is straightforward. However, it is not monotonous or boring. Moreover, because it is easy to control, Rolly Legs is suitable for all ages of users. Whether you are three or 18, resisting the charm Rolly Legs brings is difficult. The main characters in this game are robots. Their appearance is not as muscular and rigid as the robots you often see. On the contrary, Rolly Legs brings a cute robot image, and they have long legs and become the focus of this game.

Rolly Legs mod

Indeed you are also curious to see what helped Rolly Legs bring in more than 10 million downloads when it was released two years ago. The secret lies entirely in the unique robots created by VOODOO. Based on its compact appearance and long legs, the robot in Rolly Legs can move highly flexibly. They can both fly, jump and walk on the ground like giant spiders. Therefore, with Rolly Legs, your task is to take advantage of the flexible movement of the robot into the races. Also, after you level up, there are plenty of opportunities to unlock other excellent forms for them. For example, a robot shaped like a ball, dice or pineapple is too new.

Rolly Legs mod apk

Compete directly with opponents

Although small, the robots at Rolly Legs are incredibly talented. It would be best if you took them to the racetrack to prove that ability. Each stage will have four robots competing with each other. You are the one to control your pet and help it win. With Rolly Legs, the robots are controlled by real players, and sodrama will increase many times. Each speed change will be updated on the screen. Attached to the individual names of the robots will be the ranking position they are in. Another factor you need to pay attention to is that the race lane is marked. Do not enter the opponent’s lane. Instead, be a racer to win in the most honest and fair-play way possible.

Rolly Legs android

Diverse track map

With Rolly Legs, the track map also changes depending on the level you experience. That’s how the manufacturer creates more diverse colours for Rolly Legs with simple gameplay. You should note that the higher the story, the more complex the map. More obstacles will be made to stand in the way of your long-legged robot. For example, it will have to overcome a steep slope or swimming pools several meters long. Some road sections even have vertical obstacles, like in an athletics competition. To overcome all the difficulties of Rolly Legs, players need to flexibly move the robot from walking and jumping to flying with a parachute. Each terrain needs a different way to go.

Rolly Legs apk free

Jump to the finish line

Each race in Rolly Legs is a thrilling journey from start to finish. It would be best if you competed with your opponent for every meter on the running track. However, when it was close to the finish line, the surprise did not stop because after the finish line were precious bonus milestones. The amount you hit the right line depends on the effort in the last jump. Here, there are many denominations from 5 cents, 10 cents to even 100 cents arranged in no order. Therefore, the person who lands the furthest does not necessarily win the most money. The trick here is to choose a reasonable grounding point at the box containing the most significant amount for the robot. So don’t waste the whole leg with all the effort because there is no bonus.

Rolly Legs is an easy game to play and control, but not easy to get bored. Because every race here is tense until the last second. Moreover, to win, you need to have concentration and flexibility in how to handle the situation. Each terrain and obstacle requires robots to use different forms of movement. So don’t let it get over a slope. Download Rolly Legs mod to join the race with long-legged robots.

Download Rolly Legs MOD APK (God mode) for Android

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