Rocket Star MOD APK v1.51.2 (Unlimited money)

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NameRocket Star
PublisherPixodust Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Rocket Star lives and works in space, exploring the configuration of expensive rockets. Have you ever thought of going deep into the planet and experiencing life there? This challenge takes you to the space factory, creating quality launchers together. You will research new inventions and establish rocket systems that fly through space. Doing so will help you open your eyes and see many other planets. Going to new horizons to continue to advance your career is always the right choice. Experience the days leading the team and managing the space created by yourself.

Rocket Star

Download Rocket Star mod – Successfully build a class rocket

The invention has never stopped but is expanding. Your projects must be dedicated; put all your heart into it to execute. Working day and night to find the cost to pay for the service head, owning modern machines. With expensive trophies, your rocket will be quickly completed and launched further. Next to you are colleagues; they will help you manage when you are away or take charge of work to make you look idler. At later levels, players can create their automatic system. Machine parts that can work independently without you around are easy.

Rocket Star mod apk

The production process must occur entirely, from the input of raw materials until the rocket is launched. With prosperous times, you will surely be proud of your ability. Your intellect and management skills are also essential, complementing each other. Create a launcher, put your rocket on it and launch it. The main stops are the stars of another planet, which is excellent when your rocket flies far. The operating system must ensure that nothing is missing, and everything must be in order. How many resources to spend? You also have to estimate as accurately as possible, shipping each box for installation.

Rocket Star android

Preparing to launch rockets

This can be considered the most sublime stage in your process of joining Rocket Star. It is in this moment that you witness your success every day. Whether they can fly far depends on your management ability and understanding of each type of missile. Each class will have its engine and mode of operation, not the same, so it will have a different operating method. After many days of groping, your results are also out. Giant, flying rockets leave behind the brightest streaks of fire on the planet. Upgrade your factory regularly to ensure that every detail of your rocket is safely maintained. From there, your flight will be smooth, and your landing will be accurate.

Rocket Star apk

Explore many planets

The title of star tycoon is about to be for you if your flight is successful. Set foot on strange planets to add to your experience diary list. Saturn, Venus, the moon, or beyond are all reachable. The stars always await you, hoping to reunite one day. The process you harvest is recorded every working day, and you can track your progress. To be the one to set foot in most lands in the world, you need to work hard to build rockets. Simple task, the opportunity to become a billionaire is approaching you. Quickly seize this opportunity to explore the entire planet in the vast universe.

Rocket Star mod

Professional factory management

Rocket Star supports you in opening a factory specializing in the field of rockets in space. This is an industry that is perhaps rare in real life to enter. So now is the time to try your hand at simulations full of realism. Build an empire on the moon or tame the stars to get a foothold on each planet. You can also hire staff and astronomers to support the management process. Tons of tasks are set and work productively to get good results. Players also need to make use of human resources to be more leisurely. They still work even when you’re not there, which is convenient for both parties.

Rocket Star freely manages resources, serving the purpose of building rockets. You will have great moments with your studies and set goals to strive for. Rockets need to be launched every day, and only that will help you shorten the distance from the stars. Operate the machine to maximize profits and have many trophies. Install automation systems, and perform tasks under remote direction. Conquer the galaxy and create yourself the ultimate adventures in the universe. Download Rocket Star mod with rocket company and new planet launches.

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