Retro Battle MOD APK 0.3.6 (Unlimited Candy)

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NameRetro Battle APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Candy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Are you looking for a game with a bit of nostalgia but integrated on smartphones? Then don’t miss the Retro Battle mod. This is the game that converges what you are looking for and wanting. A game with an effortless design but creates a remarkable effect. Just looking at the number of downloads by players and the objective reviews they give is enough to see the game’s impact. Retro Battle’s success is due to the creativity and superior demand capture that game makers have capitalized on. The play opens the door to a memorable childhood for each player. The fun and exciting times will be the results that players get when participating in Retro Battle.

Retro Battle mod

Download Retro Battle mod – Challenge with four-button game console

The 80s and 90s were the peaks of the development of handheld video games. It can be said that this trend crept into every family and young people. We can see scenes of gamers playing passionately anywhere. After a period of successful development, the development of technology has changed everything. Integrated computer games began to appear. Next up is integration on smartphones. Portable video game consoles began to fade and become less visible. It seemed like that was the end of it. But recently, it started to appear again.

Retro Battle mod apk

Retro Battle is a variation of this type of game. A unique blend of classic and modern features. You still get the experience on mobile devices. But with a nostalgic background. On hand is a 4-button game console. The player will not see the main character’s appearance. The character’s hands become the player’s hands. From the very first days of launch, Retro Battle has created special attention partly because players are curious. Somewhat because after entering the game, they are hooked. Retro Battle now has a strong position and is still growing in the market. Surely you will also be mesmerized by the game.


Retro Battle’s challenge comes from intense duels. Instead of sitting still in one place, players will move to different positions. A large map with the participation of many other characters in the game. Each person has a different profession. You will recognize it from the description on the top of each character’s head. They are the same person holding a game console in their hand as you. Find an opponent you want to challenge. If the selected character accepts the request, the match will take place. Each challenge lasts a few minutes. The winner will get the score. You will continue the journey to challenge other players. Depending on the opponent, the duels will have different nuances. Whoever is vital will be the winner.

Retro Battle mod android

Improve your control skills

Control skills are the main factor in helping players succeed. In Retro Battle, you will have to master how to use the virtual buttons on the device. It’s not too difficult because their number is not many. You need to learn to memorize the position of each control. Hard practice is also an effective way to help you improve your skills. This advantage is personal. That means no one is the same. Each person’s efforts and efforts will bring their results. Anyway, when you can master the control, you will have more chances of winning. Your score will constantly increase and outpace other opponents.

Enjoy the beautiful memories of childhood

It is certain that Retro Battle will bring back childhood memories for everyone. That is the result of a survey conducted with hundreds of thousands of players. What anyone wants to get a ticket back to childhood has been realized. A pleasant atmosphere with memorable, relaxing times. Let Retro Battle help you have a way to recall the valuable memories that you still keep and wish to return.

Retro Battle mod download

Impressive graphics and sound

Besides the main features created from the content, the role of graphics cannot be ignored. Simple but effective 2D shapes. Retro Battle is also very invested in building diverse character classes. The context in the game is also constantly changing. It makes players not feel bored. A bustling town is interestingly recreated through the lens of Retro Battle. The sound and background music in the game is also lovely. Download Retro Battle mod to experience console games and dramatic challenges.

Download Retro Battle MOD APK (Unlimited Candy) for Android

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