Red Ball Roller MOD APK 3.0.6 (Unlimited money, skin)

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NameRed Ball Roller APK
PublisherHeroCraft Ltd.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, skin
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Nature has depicted nature with different lines and shapes. These shapes of many sizes and designs have created a multi-faceted world like today. Depending on the purpose of use, people will make objects according to their shapes. This practice comes from learning in the natural world. For example, a circular object could move as quickly as a globe. Applications of spheres in life are many. One of them is the balls. Most sports games use round balls of equal sizes. However, there is a ball that can move on its own. Let’s discover it in the game Red Ball Roller.

Red Ball Roller mod

Download Red Ball Roller mod – Multi-level adventure experience

For those passionate about the popular series Bounce Ball Adventure, Red Ball Roller is the perfect follow-up. The story begins in a bizarre way when evil minions want to squeeze the earth into a square. It’s nonsense. In this situation, Red Ball must set out to save the world. Only when it exists in a sphere can the earth have life. This game owns 100 levels to challenge our little ball. Each stage has difficulties and obstacles that make it difficult for Red Ball. Moreover, the minions also locked many other balls to threaten our hero. So you need to help Red Ball rescue them from the iron cage.

Red Ball Roller apk

Red Ball has a body of a sphere. Therefore, he will roll aimlessly without your help. Take control of Red Ball so he can stay on the right track. Specifically, the right and left arrows will help the Red Ball go to the sides. The up arrow will help him jump high. The down arrow will slow down Red Ball’s speed, so he doesn’t fall into deadly traps. Red Ball Roller is arranged with a matrix of traps along the path. Therefore, when controlling the hero, you must have high precision in manipulation. The Red Ball can fall into the cliff just a little too much. In addition, on the road will appear some red buttons that help the slight ball bounce higher.

Red Ball Roller mod apk

Confront evil enemies

The eternal enemy with Red Ball in this game is the square blocks. They are the ones who are plotting to change the shape of the earth. Red Ball will face them along the way. To reach his destination, he must destroy them. Besides, destroying these evil squares also gives you valuable bonus coins. Defeating them is easy. Players with a Red Ball joystick jumped on top and starstruck. However, it would help if you also avoided the attack of these squares. Sometimes they will spit fire or some other poison, for example. The squares with spikes can also pierce the Red Ball, so be careful.

Red Ball Roller android

Defeat fierce bosses

Behind the minions are fierce bosses. These bosses also have a similar shape, which is square. However, they are much more dangerous because the bosses have a dozen times bigger appearances than Red Ball and possess many top fighting skills. Red Ball must attack multiple times instead of a single hit to defeat them, like when fighting minions. At the same time, the square boss is also constantly running to attack our small ball. In that situation, the player needs to stay away from them. Only when attacking in the head can you defeat these ferocious squares? When winning the boss, Red Ball can collect hundreds of precious coins.

Red Ball Roller apk free

Collect all bonuses

In addition to receiving bonuses after defeating monsters, Red Ball still has other ways to increase income. On the way, there will be a lot of coins scattered. You control him to go through them to harvest. However, the coins are often located in rough terrain or near traps. Therefore, every operation needs complete care, from jumping to the left to the right. Bonus levels are also an opportunity to earn more money for your journey. At the same time, you also have another task to help Red Ball collect stars. The way to do it is not different from collecting coins. Go to the safe wooden door; you will be transferred to a new level.

Red Ball Roller is a light-action game with no elements of violence. Here is your chance to accompany the adventure of the little ball called Red Ball. Whether he can save the world or not depends on you. The important thing lies in the accuracy of the control. In addition, the gameplay of Red Ball Roller is straightforward to understand and follow. Download the Red Ball Roller mod and destroy the evil square monsters.

Download Red Ball Roller MOD APK (Unlimited money, skin) for Android

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