Random Cards MOD APK 0.314 (Menu, Unlimited money/Skills)

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NameRandom Cards APK
PublisherFigase Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money/Skills
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
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  1. No Skill CD
  2. Unlimited Gold
  3. Unlimited Diamonds
  4. Unlimited Friendship Points

Random Cards creates a cast of heroes, but they are not humans but are represented by cards. This is not a new form, but it helps you to make a difference. Just like many different matches, there are monsters and heroes. You can fight independently or as a team, in any form, to bring about victory. The efforts of each player are not the same, but if they are in the same boat, the story may be different. Monsters participate in numbers; you, too, do not lose. With brilliant tactics, you have created explosive energy barriers and enough strength to resist the enemy.

Random Cards mod apk

Download Random Cards mod – Face off against monsters

Monster-created gates are always a headache for players. You must know how destructive they are to implement appropriate prevention measures. Players improve their defences, performing card merges to become more powerful. Monsters move continuously in rows, producing bullets to hit the player. Your teammates are placed on a matrix that is divided into squares. This helps you control the positions for each card, dividing it into multiple directions for more significant destruction. Monsters will run in a straight line that surrounds your territory.

Random Cards mod

Players directly participate in the match and quickly control the cards. The constant repositioning of these cards will soon capture the enemy’s movement situation. Indeed, the enemy is always present in large numbers in each appearance. The density level when launching troops is getting bigger and bigger, making players sometimes unable to dispatch forces. They have different tactics, constantly changing, making you unable to catch up. If that situation is overwhelming, the player is gradually losing his ability. Each monster, especially the boss, will mobilize many troops to invade you. Be careful in every move, and dodge bullets in time.

Random Cards

Opportunity to play as a team

Random Cards has both independent and cooperative team modes. Regardless of the form, you must contribute your best, showing the strong power inside. You will be a bit idler when fighting with teammates because there are synergies from many sides that can’t be subjective. Each opportunity has its benefits; taking turns is also a good idea. You are flexible in each mode and feel the change to find the right path. Expand cooperative relationships with your friends or even strangers. Everyone has a quality card lineup before joining. When the time begins is when you unleash your abilities.

Random Cards apk free

Random merge

The cards can be chosen by you before or let Random Cards randomly arrange. If you are not quick, no matter what card you use, you will not be able to achieve the maximum effect. The merger has been helping players improve the squad a lot. The power is more explosive thanks to the combination of 2 identical cards. The fact that you merge like that creates a hero with a complete version, capable of fighting the boss. Players immediately perform combined operations when participating in the match directly. That’s why players need a particular sensitivity. Try to create a solid defence to stop the enemy in time.

Random Cards apk

Many matches are mined

Hot locations in Random Cards are fully exploited. Mainly these are dark dungeons that are solid and surrounded by monsters. You realize how dangerous each space is and are trying to survive there. Each level is opened, and new opportunities may come or place you buried down. Many possible outcomes; you are the one who invades and defends your territory. Luck is also the deciding factor in winning or losing; nothing will happen if you miss the right time. The battle is increasing in difficulty, and the presence of the boss is thicker to challenge. Just accept it and deal with it to the end, without fear.

Random Cards creates cards with unique abilities. The presence of cards made you feel safer in this world. Players also face more events than imagined. Many monster forces were rampant, waiting for players in the battle. Just unlock the new door, and the war broke out uncontrollably immediately. Pressure has appeared, and tactical skills are even more focused. Download Random Cards mod, collect hero cards and upgrade to fight monsters.

Download Random Cards MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/Skills) for Android

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