Punchy Race MOD APK 6.6.3 (Unlimited money)

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NamePunchy Race APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Punchy Race mod is an entertaining game inspired by the sport of boxing. The game has fun gameplay but no less challenging. Punchy Race brings funny characters for players to experience and interact with. You will have a good time when you accompany your boxer. Engage in intense fights and show off your punches. Punchy Race is the ring for you. Defeat your opponents and make your dream of reaching the championship trophy come true. Surprises and joy are waiting for players to discover when participating in Punchy Race.

Punchy Race mod apk

Download Punchy Race mod – Experience the addictive boxing game

Exercise has become an increasingly essential activity in life. This is a way to improve health and flexibility for practitioners. Besides, it also helps you to relax more. There are many different sports for you to choose from. Each sport has its peculiarities. In Punchy Race, the sport of boxing is selected as the central theme of the game. Unlike reality, you will be participating in boxing matches combined with running races. It sounds crazy, but when you step into the game, you find it exciting and fun from a strange idea but creating outstanding results.

Punchy Race mod

Punchy Race is a game for action enthusiasts. Dive into the game world, and gamers will enjoy the frenetic fighting atmosphere. Tense and dramatic confrontations are the highlight of the game. You will have to overcome many heavyweights at each level. Not only use physical strength, but you also have to combine it with an intelligent battle strategy. Punchy Race is an attractive physical training solution and plays that the company develops games for its gamers.

Punchy Race mod free

Character customization

The main characters in Punchy Race are mighty boxers. Each character has a different shape and size. The common point of these martial artists is that they all have funny and lovely shapes. In Punchy Race, players can make changes to their fighter’s appearance. With the character customization feature, you will bring unique looks that show the player’s style. Dumbbells and boxing gloves are the tools that bring your ideas to life. Players should actively collect items and accessories to create different characters. Accompanying your favorite fighters will make you more inspired to compete.

Punchy Race mod download

Power up

Punchy Race offers hundreds of different levels of play. The higher the level, the more complex the game grows. No longer are the easy challenges like the starting levels. To pass these levels, you need to be well prepared. The gameplay improvement, along with the ability to upgrade power, is what players need. Punchy Race allows you to increase your strength by collecting dumbbells. There are many dumbbells with different colors. They appear randomly on the movement of the boxer. In addition to focusing on defeating opponents, players need to try to collect a lot of these small dumbbells. The more dumbbells the fighter has, the better his strength is.

Punchy Race mod android

Conquer the IO arena

The usual matches are no longer attractive to gamers when you have conquered many levels. Then you come to the IO arena. Here players will experience highly competitive tournaments. The ticket to the inner circle is no longer simple but becomes more difficult. Try your best to knock down your opponent. The championship trophy and the top-ranking are the rewards for the worthy. Download Punchy Race mod, enjoy the fun of boxing matches, and conquer extreme arenas.

Download Punchy Race MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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