PUBG MOBILE MOD APK 2.5.0 (Menu/Auto headshot/ESP/No recoil)

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PublisherLevel Infinite
MOD FeaturesMenu/Auto headshot/ESP/No recoil
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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MOD Infomation

• Esp line
• Esp box
• Esp name
• Esp health
• Esp teamID
• Esp distance
• Esp items
• Esp weapons
• Esp vehicle
• Esp enemy loot
• Esp enemy drop
• Esp lootbox/airdrop
• Esp skeleton
• Esp vehicle fuel
• Esp vehicle health
• Visible aimbot (Default)
• Silent aimbot
• Beta anticheatOff

Survival games are increasingly storming the entertainment video game market. When participating in combat survival games, players will feel attracted by bloody battles or top-notch intelligence matches. And, of course, when it comes to the survival fighting game genre, it is impossible not to mention that the PUBG MOBILE game is a game with extensive fan participation worldwide. A typical fight-and-move game for survival today. The game players enter a battle land that has a lot of novelty. Weapons are scattered over the game’s map for players to pick up. After picking up the gun, the players who play the game will fight each other fiercely.


Download PUBG MOBILE mod – Join the fight to survive

With an action shooting game for survival like PUBG MOBILE, there is only one winner. So the players of the game will have to slaughter each other with a variety of weapons. After some time has passed, many of the game players will gradually be defeated. A circle will wrap around the map and shrink over game time. When the game player’s character is outside the process, he will lose health over time. So the players must move continuously to avoid being out of the circle. The smaller the ring, the more the player’s character will encounter other characters. The most fierce and fierce battles will erupt continuously later in this game. Gamers will be increasingly drawn into the world of PUBG MOBILE games.


The game’s players are engaged in combat with various weapons. Win the survival game levels with the ultimate weaponry. Go above all to climb to the number one position that only one person can get. The player who wins the game wins a turkey as a delicious meal. It is fun to participate in a survival game with many other players. Use your superior control and shooting ability to destroy the enemy. Become the last survivor of the game.

Diverse survival game modes

Surely PUBG MOBILE players will never get bored. Enjoy participating in different and new unique survival battle modes. Survival battle modes that only this PUBG MOBILE game has. Survival battle modes such as single-player, fair play, and team play of four combine to participate in different terrains and playable maps. The game player himself wants to fight alone with other players. Immediately enter the single combat mode to demonstrate your ability to survive alone. Or PUBG MOBILE players who want to join even with their closest friends. Join the duo mode, four people to create the most potent fighting team in the game.


Types of combat weapons

When the game players participate in the PUBG MOBILE survival arena, the game players need to move constantly and find powerful guns. Try to pick up as many powerful weapons as possible and put them in your backpack. Typical combat weapons are potent and famous such as pistols, ranged sniper rifles, bazooka guns, cowboy guns, sharp knives, grenade bombs, blind bombs and many different types of weapons. Another potent combat gas is obtained in the system of the game PUBG MOBILE. Game players also have to pick up additional weapons and related items. To carry more things, you need to own a giant backpack with many levels of different sizes for players to collect.

PUBG MOBILE mod apk free

Style your character

PUBG MOBILE game players can style the character themselves. The battles of the game will therefore become even more colourful and beautiful. Items such as pants, shirts, umbrellas, backpacks, gloves, and guns are purchased by game players. They will have different colours and are cheap and expensive depending on the type in the game store. The game’s players will find their characters to be fascinating and beautiful.

PUBG MOBILE mod android

What the game player needs to do is win for real in multiple levels of survival gameplay. Earning is a lot of bonuses and the most valuable winning turkey. Download PUBG MOBILE mod to join the brutal survival arena, use the gun to fight to protect yourself and move quickly to the safe area.

Download PUBG MOBILE MOD APK (Menu/Auto headshot/ESP/No recoil) for Android

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