Project Clean Earth MOD APK 1.16 (Menu/God mode/Free shopping)

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NameProject Clean Earth APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/Free shopping
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Project Clean Earth found the radioactive earth space, rescuing it in time. The wars between monsters and your little warriors broke out one after another, everyone wanted to take the position of ruler. Players control soldiers to participate in battles and receive many great prizes. You will have to face the onslaught of an entire army from hostile forces. They will come up with the most potent counter-strategies to gain territory. Historical monuments are built in your search style. Random things are constantly created, they come in the most unexpected way to bring special emotions to the player.

Project Clean Earth android

Download Project Clean Earth mod – Suppress the earth destroyers

Project Clean Earth does the clean earth project to test your fighting skills. It would help if you were quick-witted to achieve the highest efficiency because the number of opponents coming to you is increasing. Top-notch swings, flexible in all situations, will help you dodge bullets from the enemy. You also spread bullets from afar to send to enemies, shooting them non-stop. Mutants appear one after another before your eyes, watch out for them. This saboteur drags a powerful army, the monster boss will be the one to confront you in the end. Determined to survive, unable to fall before the counterattacks from the opponent.

Project Clean Earth apk

This mission is a bit sci-fi, but it’s easy to imagine. Humanity’s ultimate weapon is applied to this battle. You go to where many monsters live, encroaching on it to fight. Every movement is in your control, act quickly and decisively. Intense attacks from both sides make you dizzy, sometimes unable to dodge their damaging bullets. Enemies surround the player, a tiny human being seemingly swallowed up. You advance to new lands, unleashing your talents in every arena. Go to the final, and conquer all levels at Project Clean Earth.

Project Clean Earth mod

Weapon combinations

Ranged weapons, guns, and drones have converged here. Players begin the journey to conquer and own those special weapons. You will combine all you have to perfect the battle, having the most incredible power. Relic items also help you exchange for the ultimate weapon, which further enhances your journey behind. Drop bombs from the vast sky or directly discharge bullets from combat guns. There are many ways to have more ammo to defeat the enemy, it is essential to use it flexibly. With a unique and powerful fighting style, you will make a big deal, success will quickly come to players.

Project Clean Earth apk free

Play in multiple arenas

The competition space will vary according to the design of each round of Project Clean Earth. From remote lands to luxuriant forests or even difficult blizzards. The fronts are arranged differently to increase the attraction to players, you will conquer the maps in turn. The random rounds are also full of difficulties and challenges, but the more complex the rewards. New stages will be incorporated into your adventure. The changing game modes are also constantly being updated, which is interesting. Every corner has the appearance of opponents, be careful. This game needs a lot of flexible planning, be proactive.

Project Clean Earth mod apk

Defeat the powerful boss

Fully equipped with weapons and combat skills, you do not have to be afraid of mischievous bosses. They possess a vast body capable of swallowing you like a play. Your tiny body needs weapons to support it, you can’t fight the boss with bare hands. In addition to the particular extra energies, the strategy is the thing that needs your investment most of all. Before the difficulties you must endure, Project Clean Earth has arranged valuable rewards for players. Every time you win the boss, you will receive giant coins. Defeat all the supporters and evil bosses. Use all your explosive power to fight.

Project Clean Earth defeats the enemy, bringing peace to the earth. Every space is surrounded by hostile forces, which is a disadvantage. Hunt down all the loot, weapons, and new energy to destroy your opponents. Dispute to the last second to win life for humanity. The perfect combinations always bring spectacular goals, try to find out. Successfully dodged bullets from mutants, using every opportunity to counterattack. Overthrow the government of the vandals, you will win. Download Project Clean Earth, and use dozens of weapons simultaneously to destroy the enemy force.

Download Project Clean Earth MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Free shopping) for Android

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