Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK v2.5.5 (Unlimited money)

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NamePrison Empire Tycoon
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Prison Empire Tycoon game for you to manage the prison, control the prisoners. As a person with the highest position, it is necessary to ensure security at the prison every day. The gameplay brings a new role as the wealthy tycoon. Combine business to get high profit. At the same time, make your prison more known. Building a large scale and having development strategies, making this place have a stable order. A new position, Prison Empire Tycoon will let players try out a variety of missions. Join Prison Empire Tycoon and be a famous tycoon, holding countless prisoners. Prison Empire Tycoon offers exciting gameplay, revolving around prison life.

Prison Empire Tycoon mod

This place will often have dangers, many problems occur. Players will represent to resolve and stabilize the situation. Control activities and maintain order for the whole area. Do whatever it takes to make this prison a better environment. Dominate all prisoners, strictly obey the rules given. However, sometimes they will also make mistakes, making you angry. At this point, stay calm and figure out how to make them respect and obey. Step into life here, be a notorious tycoon, manage many people. Make More! and Idle Miner Tycoon is also a game for you to be a rich leader.

Prison Empire Tycoon mod apk

Download Prison Empire Tycoon mod – Rich prison tycoon

At first, you yourself will no one noticed. However, you have the qualities of a leader and know how to arrange things. Try and work hard every day so that all your hard work will be noticed by everyone. Start building a small prison and run it. Over time, the number of prisoners coming here will also become more. Come up with your plans and make your prison widely known. Prison Empire Tycoon offers important, challenging missions. Controlling a prison is not an easy job, depending on many other factors, from the facilities, the management team to the prisoners. You alone will have to tighten operations and make this a high-security prison.

Prison Empire Tycoon mod free

Prison construction

From a small prison with limited space, you will need to work even harder to scale up. Improve the quality of infrastructure, explore to build more new houses. Expand the prison yard, the places where prisoners’ daily activities are concentrated. Provide all necessary furniture to serve life. Create a giant prison with enough rooms to reside. Once stabilized, players will also need to upgrade the jail to be more modern. By replacing old items such as beds, building more toilets… To meet all the needs of people living here. That also makes the detention place better.

Prison Empire Tycoon mod android

Supervising and managing employees

As the number of prisoners increases, you will need to hire more staff. They will assist in tracking, arranging, and taking over each job position. Including medical staff, security guards, chefs, offices… Players will stand in senior positions and manage the work of employees. Delegate tasks for all to complete efficiently. You can also fire anyone if you don’t do your job correctly. Furthermore, there should also be specific policies and requirements for each person. This will also help the team to meet all of your wishes.

Prisoner reform

Players can earn a great source of income by rehabilitating prisoners. This job will help you earn more money. It’s a way to make prisoners improve their quality and help others. Fulfill the obligations of citizens, help them to be free soon. This will also make the government more trusting and assigning significant responsibilities to players. Create business strategies, quickly run even bigger prisons.

Prison Empire Tycoon mod download

Management tycoon

Most of the problems here will be solved by you. The dream of being a tycoon of the big prison will become true. There are rational, right decisions to make business models successful. All hours of activities, the rules will be set by the players themselves. Taking control and becoming a good manager takes a lot of effort. Improve the systems in prison and make the facilities more complete. Run and own a large fortune, be the wealthiest person. Prison Empire Tycoon will be a game that you cannot ignore. Be the manager and order all prisoners to follow. Download Prison Empire Tycoon mod developed for prison and business model.

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