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Next summer, what is the ideal place you want for your trip? Indeed the blue sea is the answer for almost everyone. Because space with cool blue water can help us relax and cool off very well. But the sea is not everywhere. Moreover, a trip to the ocean can cost a lot of time and money. Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for such trips regularly. In that case, the water park is a highly reasonable choice. So do you know how a water park is created and what conditions must be met? Come to the simulation game called Pool Slide Story to find out.

Pool Slide Story mod free

Download Pool Slide Story mod – Build a water park yourself

Pool Slide Story is a game released at the end of 2017 by the manufacturer Kairosoft. This is a light-hearted management simulation game for all ages. Pool Slide Story allows you to head a fascinating business, unlike other billion-dollar deals. That is the amusement water park. Indeed every player has been to the water park on hot days. So now, change your experience by creating your garden with Pool Slide Story. People worldwide can easily reach and conquer Pool Slide Story because it allows four languages ​​from East to West.

Faced with a large amusement market, build a plan to make your park stand out. From an ample open space, Pool Slide Story allows players to set the park’s architecture from A-Z. You can fully customize the park by arranging places to visit and play. It is also essential to consider where to place the pool appropriately. Plus, a water park can’t just have a swimming pool. Instead, you need to design super impressive water slides for customers to experience. The feeling of sliding from above into cool water is so exhilarating. Make sure the pool is deep enough so that when customers slide down will not be in danger.

Pool Slide Story apk free

Make your customers admire

If you want customers to keep saying “wow” when they come to this water park, come up with unique plans. On a fun trip, surely people don’t just want to swim. They hope to be served many other services. So, what are you waiting for without adding amenities to the park? This move can make your establishment the focal point of the town. With Pool Slide Story, players can not only design outdoor swimming pools. You can create indoor swimming pools if visitors so desire. More daring, you also can build pools with attractive colors and scents. No other water park will own such unique collections.

Pool Slide Story mod download

Provide food service

Your water park has many activities that take a lot of energy from players. Then what’s better than opening a new dining area right here? First, gather the ingredients to start cooking delicious dishes right away. The dining area should be divided into separate stalls. Each stall will specialize in a word or a drink. Thus, you can easily manage the food that customers also easily choose. Opening a food stall will help you bring in a lot of profit in parallel with the leading service being the swimming pool business. In addition, you can create more incentives to retain customers. For example, giving them free life jackets and swimwear.

Pool Slide Story mod apk free

Get reviews and ratings

When you work in the service industry, you should not work hard to follow what you want. Instead, focus on customer experiences and opinions. Their comments will contribute significantly to helping the park improve its quality in the future. Don’t be afraid to make friends with them and get those valuable recommendations. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, so check-in is also extremely popular. Every customer who comes to the water park likes to take pictures and share them on social networks. That sharing contributes to widely promoting the image of the water park. This communication method is highly effective and economical. So don’t upset your lovely customers.

Pool Slide Story is where those who love to manage can challenge themselves. Running an entertainment-related business like a water park will help you feel less stressed. Expanding utilities and attracting customers is the top priority. Download Pool Slide Story mod and build your water park.

Download Pool Slide Story MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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