Pocket Rogues: Ultimate MOD APK 1.30 (One hit kill/Unlimited gems, coins)

Updated 2 years ago
NamePocket Rogues: Ultimate APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesOne hit kill/Unlimited gems, coins
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Explore the mysteries in the dungeon, enjoy the dark atmosphere. Pocket Rogues: Ultimate offers battles with monsters. Everything happens very scarily and danger always follows. If you pass all of that, you will also receive a lot of bonuses. This is a place for those who are brave, dare to face all dangers. Defeat the evil monsters, go to every dungeon. Pocket Rogues: Ultimate will let players go to dungeons and fight against enemies.

Pocket Rogues Ultimate mod

Download Pocket Rogues: Ultimate mod – Go to monster slaying dungeons

For centuries, dungeons have always been a place of secrets, attracting adventurers. They always want to explore and discover new things. That’s why they set out to find out the secrets that are still hidden. However, the path was not easy at all. The monsters that appeared to hinder the adventurers encountered many difficulties. To be able to continue the journey, there is no other way but to fight. Hit hard on each monster. Challenges will be continuously brought to challenge players. Start with the many battles that take place right in this dungeon. Control the character to the monster and attack fiercely.

Pocket Rogues Ultimate mod apk

Pocket Rogues: Ultimate has many dungeons for players to enter. Along with his character comes the bloody war. A simple character control system, easy to implement right from the first play. Combine with attack and defense buttons to fight off opponents. Move the character to the position you want. Performed with consecutive attacks. Dodge counterattacks from monsters quickly kill cruel bosses. Pocket Rogues: Ultimate opens up a tense battle, bringing players to face evil monsters.

Pocket Rogues Ultimate mod android

Build fortress

On your territory, build a strong fortress. This will be the place for you to practice and improve your fighting power. Improve new skills for warriors, dare to face giant monsters. Gather heroes who regularly train their strength here. At the same time, constantly hone new attacks. Build your fortress to live in and gain strength. Build a fort with a large force of heroes, practice every day with teammates. Upgrade the fortress to become more and more spacious, bringing advantages to the whole team. So that all will confidently fight, defeat all enemies. Extract the battle experience from other players. From then on, facing monsters was no longer an obstacle.

Pocket Rogues Ultimate mod free

Unique battle locations

Many different locations take you to the dungeons. Each place will bring its challenge. You will meet countless monsters, they have diverse fighting skills. Every meeting is random, creating surprises for players. You cannot predict what will happen. That will create mysterious journeys for players to explore. Every scene will be constantly changed and bring many new experiences. Players can move freely to anywhere they want. Observe and move safely, avoiding enemy traps. Pocket Rogues: Ultimate will not cause boredom, everything is constantly changing. Everywhere, many new journeys to fight monsters.

Pocket Rogues Ultimate mod download

Gather many heroes

Many options for players with brave heroes. They have different looks and fighting skills. Choose the hero you want to join the fight. Each warrior will have extraordinary fighting power, destroying evil monsters. Use all skills to be able to win against dangerous monsters. Equip heroes with tactics for battle. Focus on controlling the hero, defeat the enemy army in the shortest time. Each warrior with different symbols unites to form a powerful force. Go to the dungeons and face the monsters. Become one of the brave adventurers, adventure in the dungeons. Download Pocket Rogues: Ultimate mod to explore dungeons and attack monsters.

Download Pocket Rogues: Ultimate MOD APK (One hit kill/Unlimited gems, coins) for Android

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