Pixel Magic.io MOD APK 1.1.290 (Free shopping/Unlocked character)

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NamePixel Magic.io APK
MOD FeaturesFree shopping/Unlocked character
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Pixel Magic.io tests magic on a large scale, making the world colorful and enjoying many wonders. Players will perform many matches simultaneously, bringing a dramatic but fascinating moment. You will join your heroic warriors, who are stronger than you think. Wherever they go, they destroy them, but they are all aimed at destruction. Will have to gather troops to have more energy fiercely in each match. Explore many new maps to have more competitive skills, and you must experience the place to feel it. Use magic in your control and quickly destroy the enemy.

Pixel Magic.io mod

Download Pixel Magic.io mod – Enjoy the magic match

Players will experience the Deathmatch mode to assassinate enemies in Pixel Magic.io. Many surprises are coming for you; new plays on different maps also bring a different feeling. The matches will change significantly through each level, and you conquer them early to receive the bonus. Valuable gifts will be given out after each of your wins. Spells will also be upgraded when you achieve high achievements. The powerful energies continued to develop according to its features, lighting up a battle sky. Walk around the competition space, choose the right place and stop fighting.

Pixel Magic.io mod apk

Where you play, there will be small squares, and you walk on them to mark the road. Just follow them; sometimes, you will encounter valuable rewards and at the same time, fight with the enemy you are looking for. It’s not too difficult to create a battle, but you have to act so that there is enough strength that the opponent is still blown away. Prepare carefully for the war; you will be surprised with the first battle. Sweep your enemies with your spells, crafting a powerful strategy for yourself. Go to many different spaces and experience many more vigorous opponents to increase your strength. You may fail, but at least you strengthen your skills.

Pixel Magic.io apk

Dominate the map

Battle royale is the player’s favorite mode, making you reach the pinnacle of discovery. Pixel Magic.io has built many battle models, and the space is large enough to exert power. Go to more locations, and experience the same dark maps. Areas are also divided into different stages, depending on your ability to conquer them. Win previous races and get a chance to unlock the map. The more you play on a large scale, the more you prove your actual ability. Multi-colors are created, occupy the entire area you can mine, and follow the brick to reach the finish line.

Pixel Magic.io apk free

Unlock more hero characters

Human resources will reunite together if you successfully unlock. The heroes all have their unique power and can participate in many consecutive matches. Players can also shop and upgrade their equipment in the store at Pixel Magic.io. Armor, ultimate weapons, and many spells are placed in it. Use a lot of support energy to wreak havoc in an emergency. For those things you want, you must have valuable assets, money, or wares to exchange. Accumulate by winning simple matches initially or on the go. The hero cards are still waiting for you to conquer; speed up the process.

Pixel Magic.io android

Customize gameplay according to magic

Magic is your primary tool to tackle your opponents in Pixel Magic.io. There will be many obstacles, but we must find a solution and achieve high results. You can’t just play the same way forever, and the opponent will get used to it and be dissatisfied with how you play. They flip you like a pinwheel, knocking you away in an instant. So playing with strategy is always a priority and is considered a unique way in which you can win. Higher levels requiring detailed planning and classic gameplay will no longer apply. Magic is constantly renewed, so you have to adapt in time. Customizable on a case-by-case basis, trying to ensure survival until the very end.

Pixel Magic.io and players experience magic in matches. The magic is hidden right in the maps you conquer. There will be dark roads, and you must have a strong will to find the way. The directions, if not determined correctly, will not have any miracles. Tactics and skills will be two things that accompany you in each battle. Magic will help in the deadlock, and the heroes will always help you. Download Pixel Magic.io mod, unlock heroes, upgrade and use magic on enemies.

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