Pirate Raid MOD APK 1.16.0 (Unlimited money, barrels/God mode)

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NamePirate Raid APK
PublisherSayGames Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, barrels/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Join the pirate team, perform missions in Pirate Raid. Move to a vast sea in the Caribbean, starting with the looting here. You will control the boat, compete with other opponents and destroy the enemy boat. Battleships at sea continuously occurred, bringing a fiercer atmosphere than ever before. Raise the sails and move forward, facing all dangers. Sea monsters will also appear, creating countless challenges for players. Focus on attacking enemies and monsters, become a talented pirate.

Pirate Raid mod

Download Pirate Raid mod – Pirate’s journey

As you know, the work of pirates is many and not simple. Pirate Raid will be the most realistic look for players, for you as the main character. This journey will not stop, bringing many exciting experiences. As you go deeper into the levels, the quests will become more and more difficult. Enemies will have mighty destructive power, and it will be difficult to defeat them. At the same time, the appearance of sea monsters also created a significant obstacle in the progress of the attack. Prepare weapons, perform all offensive actions to destroy all enemies. Prevent all conspiracies, destroy all formidable opponents.

Pirate Raid mod free

You wanted to be a good pirate. Now, Pirate Raid will be the fastest way to make that dream come true. Move on the vast ocean, explore the sea. There are countless minerals and rare items, bringing high value. However, owning these things is not easy. Players will have to fight in matches, defeating the enemy. Then plundered their property, setting up outstanding feats. Each level will appear, fearsome enemies, dangerous attacks, you need to be careful if you do not want to fall into the grave. Deciding to fight on the sea, worthy of the title of powerful ruler over the region.

Pirate Raid mod download

Sea fight

The journey to conquer the sea has never been easy. Jobs are constantly brought with a high degree of danger. Battles often occur, bringing a fiercer atmosphere than ever. Davy Jones’s locker is a place to keep many valuable spoils. You need to both attack and trade to get the most items. Enemy ships and enemy numbers also rapidly increased. Players need to observe the situation to make the right decision, topple the opponent’s boat. Present in all matches, showing the bravery of a talented pirate. Win every battle, assert your strength through special attacks.

Pirate Raid mod apk

Item exchange

After successfully doing the robberies, you will have some loot. To exchange for money, bring it to the pirate markets to exchange. Resell the items you have to someone who needs to buy and get the corresponding amount of coins. Go to each seaport, celebrate the victory that has been achieved. At the same time, raising his own authority, making all opponents fear. The money collected will help you upgrade the boat, unlock more next levels. Possessing a sizeable new sea, establishing a powerful dynasty on the sea. Confront all other enemy forces, collect all the items after the battle.

Pirate Raid mod android

Defeat sea monsters

There are ferocious sea monsters in the ocean, and they want to take your life. In addition to fighting with other pirates, you also have to destroy demons. Their destruction was fantastic, putting every ship in danger. Your boat can be sunk, overturned at any time. It is necessary to focus on observing during the movement, to have a timely way to deal with them. Use the cannon to hit the target, giving all monsters no chance of survival. Eliminate them from the ocean, become one of the excellent sea leaders. Complete your mission as a pirate, fighting in every area.

The mission of pirates is always dangerous and challenging. All are reproduced by Pirate Raid in the most authentic way for players to try it. Go on a journey of booty on the sea, destroy the enemy. Download Pirate Raid mod the fierce battle of pirates.

Download Pirate Raid MOD APK (Unlimited money, barrels/God mode) for Android

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