Pico Tanks MOD APK v54.1.2 (Unlimited money)

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NamePico Tanks
PublisherPanda Arcade
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Battles on tanks always bring excitement to players. Pico Tanks is a game with fast-paced, thrilling competitions. Coordinate with teammates to start fighting against opponents together. The chaotic battle is not only you but also many other players. Each challenge will also be brought to players to conquer. Interact with the army and quickly destroy all the enemies. Surely Pico Tanks will not let you down when starting with these exciting game modes.

Pico Tanks mod download

Download Pico Tanks mod – Talented tank fighters

Tank design is the highlight of this game. They do not create an overly violent image despite being a means of going to battles. All ages can play Pico Tanks and experience this game. Overcome each enemy, show your strength through the levels. The cuteness, bringing high entertainment, is also a big attraction for gamers. Concentrating forces to destroy the enemy on all battlefields. Come to the battlefield to defeat formidable opponents step by step. Join now and play Pico Tanks to feel what I say is true.

Pico Tanks mod android

Join each first battle to get used to the gameplay. Patience is required to decide whether to win. Most of the matches are usually 3v3 with a reasonably fast pace. Compete with the opponent, go to higher levels of play. Unlock more tanks by gaining more bonuses after each battle. The only goal is to destroy all opponents and get excellent results. Be present on the battlefield, work closely with teammates to avoid falling into danger. Take control of the tank, move to the enemy location and destroy them all. Unleash your abilities through the most special attacks.

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Unique tank design

Not to mention the game mode, Pico Tanks has made players fascinated by the tank system. Various types of tanks, suitable for each terrain for the war. Players will own all and choose a single car to participate in the tournament. Swap tanks quickly when you want. The stats’ ability to damage also depends on different types of vehicles. Based on each situation and the opponent to make a perfect choice. Create countless tanks with your own customizations. Explore a unique tank collection with beautiful designs.

Pico Tanks mod

Fight with friends

Isn’t it great to join your friends to battle in Pico Tanks? Together, shoot enemy tanks and conquer exciting game modes. Playing with friends will increase strength, making facing enemies no longer difficult. There is a way to coordinate well to fight together to destroy all the opponents you want. Side by side with teammates to create new breakthroughs get high achievements. Unleash the battle and shoot down all enemy tanks. Go to each new map, collect more items, assert your position against dangerous enemies.

Pico Tanks mod apk

Upgrade power and tanks

Strength is the decisive factor to victory for players. Use the necessary support equipment to be able to withstand bullets from the opponent. For example, armor, the more you get, the more you can go through the battlefield of bombs and bullets will no longer be an obstacle. Go to each area to destroy opponents quickly. At the same time, the tank is also a vehicle that you need to upgrade. Customize the car, replace the necessary parts. Repair damage in time, control modern tanks in the arena. Choose and collect weapons, contribute to defeating all enemies with attack combos.

Pico Tanks is the place to bring a completely different view of tanks. Control the tank and record outstanding achievements. Destroy enemy tanks, score high scores. Enjoy all game modes, become a talented fighter on fierce battlefields. Overcome all enemies, causing them to lose. Play now Pico Tanks mod to experience good gameplay in dramatic PvP arenas.

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