PickCrafter MOD APK v5.9.41 (Unlimited Currency/All options are open)

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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Currency/All options are open
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation


  • Unlimited Currency


  • Free chest and buy rune dust
  • All options are open
  • Once spent (eg buying skill points), the number of times picked up does not decrease but increases

PickCrafter is an idle crafting game with a pickaxe. You will use a hoe and dig deep into the ground. Mining creatures, treasures are buried deep underground. Start with finding and mining rare objects. The goal is to explore a lot of gold and silver just by using the pickaxe. The things that the player collects can be used to create weapons and armor. The game, with easy, exciting gameplay, lets you conquer challenges. Dig deeper, discover more items. Explore diverse resources, starting with a journey to dig as far as possible.

PickCrafter mod

Download PickCrafter mod – Crafting weapons and tools

Control the pickaxe and start digging underground. The operation is simple, you just need to touch the pickaxe, move to the place you want to exploit. PickCrafter will be a place for players to conquer the depths of the earth, quickly get the items you want. Use what you have dug up and make modern weapons. Mining has never been so easy, PickCrafter will work with players to do it. Go on a journey to mine every 3D block the game has to offer. PickCrafter is an excellent choice for you to entertain, kill time effectively in your spare time.

PickCrafter mod apk

The attraction that PickCrafter brings has attracted millions of gamers to participate. With just a pickaxe, accompany the player throughout the journey. Quickly find objects deep in the ground, PickCrafter with exciting game modes, does not make players feel bored. Valuable things that players cannot expect. The deeper you go, the more precious objects will appear. Hard work will be the way for you to achieve the best results. Exploiting perseverance and effort, discovering all the rich resources.

PickCrafter mod android

Auto mining mode

PickCrafter’s game mode is for busy people as well. Even when not playing, the number of assets will still automatically increase. Countless valuable rewards await players ahead. Hundreds of challenging levels for you. Challenge your friends, create a reasonable mining process even without opening the game. Not only digging deep mining, but you will also need to confront dangerous animals. Snakes, monsters will be the objects that you need to destroy.

PickCrafter mod download

Craft and upgrade pickaxe

The only tool for the player to perform mining is the pickaxe. Thousands of pickaxes will be provided, with you to conquer many trophies. To make digging more accessible, upgrade the hoe. A rudimentary pickaxe will not be able to bring back many rare items. Rainbow Pickaxe, Lightning Pickaxe… are some of the pickaxes that need to be mentioned. It has many special effects, making many quality new weapons. Unlock more new pickaxes, get to higher levels of play.

PickCrafter mod free

Search for treasures

The chance to get the treasure in PickCrafter is not difficult. During the mining process, there will be treasures appearing. Make use of and bring back those items, all of which are valuable resources. Diamonds, gold, amethyst, and countless other treasures. The endless joy of having your favorite treasures. Many attractive gifts when completing levels. In addition, everyday players just need to log in to the game, PickCrafter will also give players the corresponding items.

Mining ample resources with the pickaxe will bring many exciting experiences. Challenge and destroy all the bosses, evil monsters. Collect many treasures, create the most modern weapons. If you have ever played through Minecraft, you will find the gameplay is quite similar. The strange attraction that PickCrafter brings has made many gamers choose. Download PickCrafter mod to dig deep underground, search for items.

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