Perfect Slices MOD APK 1.4.18 (Unlimited money)

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NamePerfect Slices APK
PublisherSayGames Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Perfect Slices aligns the cutting speed to create a beautiful finished product; every slice is even without a centimeter deviation. If you can do that, you are a master at using knives. There will be many types of fruit for you to cut; freely try your skills. Set the cutting angle, so the slices are entirely sliced, ten inches and ten; each piece is the same. Various items for you to make; give the knife or scraper to cut them all. This is a highly entertaining game, partly showing your ingenuity. Go through successive levels, diving deep into many groups to win the top prize.

Perfect Slices mod apk

Download Perfect Slices mod – Slice fruit with skillful hands

Items are placed on a long cutting board, which is moved automatically by the system. Sometimes it’s fast, and sometimes so fast that you don’t have time to turn around. Following such a chain will not stop, as long as you have to cut them correctly and know when to stop at the right time. There will be a wooden stick in your way; eliminate it, and don’t let your knife stick to it. With each cut, you will achieve a certain number of points, regroup and move on to the next round. The day-to-day situation must dynamically change the strategies in your head. What is essential is your speed and sensitivity to the fruits, eyeing that long line.

Perfect Slices apk

A variety of vegetables appear for you to perform your task. Each level will require the number of fruits you need to slash to succeed. The running speed is getting faster and faster, and you have to follow it to show your ability. The journey of cutting fruit is long and not as easy as you imagine. Just have to cut a lot, fast and beautiful too, sophisticated in each stage. But the results are well worth the effort you put in. Your beautifully sliced ​​products are expertly crafted on display after finishing. Make sure to cut it strictly as required, and your knife won’t chip after it’s finished.

Perfect Slices mod

Diverse fruit and vegetable system

Perfect Slices brings familiar fruits and vegetables to human life, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and eggplants. The multi-colors of these fruits make you excited and look so fresh. Each level requires different criteria, which is also less boring to play. Before slashing, shape the products you need to conquer, but the right knife into the fruit. Sometimes you will cut right, and sometimes you will slip out; that is obvious. No need to worry too much; keep a strong mind and skillful craft, and all kinds of fruits are conquered.

Perfect Slices android

Upgrading slashing tools

Knives can cut those items, and players have the right to choose different types. In terms of blades, there are many styles you will decide to use according to each level of play. The knife grade is also raised step by step, both big and small. A Sharp knife or square blade is primarily used to cut complex objects. The bigger the weapon, the more slashing it can be and the more flexible it is, which is also why players need to conquer. Get a high score and get a chance to unlock new knives or magic scrapers. Entering a peak game, only chopping gold. Now choose the most enormous, sharpest, quality knife to slice and make money.

Perfect Slices apk free

Automatic line

Perfect Slices designs conveyor belts to bring fruits and vegetables closer to your hand. However, they are slowed down depending on the level you are playing. Later, the speed must be said to be lightning-fast, causing players to miss a lot. The automatic system also has its own rules, and all the fruits will stop. In the end, if you run out of fruit to slash but have not completed the goal, it means you have failed. This is not fun at all, the line is already working at total capacity, and you don’t finish it. Playing a lot, you will gradually get used to its running speed and more sensitive and accurate slash. So stop at the right time, cut at the right place to get a high score, and bring more opportunities to yourself.

Perfect Slices is a casual game genre with extremely elaborate construction details, from the color to the variety of items that do not disappoint players and are more exciting. Each time you complete fruit, the system automatically displays a green check mark, so you are successful. It seems simple, but there will be many obstacles for you. Skillful use of a knife is essential; cutting in the wrong place only causes harm. Slash on demand, pass various levels to the top. Download Perfect Slices mod that dances on a conveyor belt that automatically produces fruit.

Download Perfect Slices MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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