Outland Odyssey MOD APK 0.423 (Menu/God mode)

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NameOutland Odyssey APK
PublisherProject SEED
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Your destiny is to be a savior of your homeland and rescue humanity from many dangerous creatures in the Outland Odyssey. An ARPG product combined with blockchain is the current trend in the world. But first, let’s focus on the context and your role in this game. Second, you will play as a warrior who possesses enough strength to fight any monster that is dangerous to humans. Third, the world in Outland Odyssey is on the verge of destruction. The extraordinary growth of normal creatures makes them evolve and go crazy. Only humanity can prevent this tragedy. You are the chosen one who withholds many divine powers.

Outland Odyssey mod

Download Outland Odyssey mod – Destroy all creatures dangerous to humanity

Giant monsters that evolved from ordinary animals are invading the world of Avoria in the Outland Odyssey. They are called Zeds, with many powers and abilities humans have never seen before. It is tough to confront a swarm of Zeds without modern weapons. It is almost impossible for humans to fight them fairly. Only the chosen warriors with extraordinary courage and strength can resist. The main character you will create in the game is one of them. Ability to control weapons and add mystical energies. This is the only savior that can help humans against the Zeds.

From the land where Westbarren began. Players will travel through many continents in the world. At present, no matter where there is the appearance of dangerous Zeds. They are not just species with unique characteristics. Which strength and ability will be determined by the previous animal genes. The world before was filled with a variety of animals. So players will have to confront the army of Zeds with all the characteristics and dangerous power. You must build your character with weapons and energy sources that can counter Zeds. We will not fight alone but with many players worldwide.

Outland Odyssey mod apk

Choose and build heroes

You can choose one of the two leading warrior roles when you start. It would be sworders or archers with different fighting styles. The swordsman has the advantage of high-damage melee combat and quick attack skills. Archers are handy in ranged attacks. The skill set deals with extensive area damage and gives a lot of movement advantages. Both characters classes have different genders for you to choose from. The character’s role is not so crucial in the high-level stages. You can equip weapons of other styles and still fight effectively. That is the premise for players to create much new gameplay against many types of monsters.

Outland Odyssey mod apk free

Make your own equipment sets

Killing different species of Zeds will give players additional attribute items. When combined, many things of the same attribute will create a complete set of equipment. Based on the available features, the equipment set will provide the corresponding stats for the character. For example, it can be increased damage to attacks and skills. Increases movement speed when fighting showing mobility. Increase armor and health to last longer on the battlefield. In addition, players can also combine many other attributes. From there, create equipment sets that add many vital stats needed with the current character class. To learn about the equipment sets, you should experience them yourself.

Outland Odyssey mod free

Massive monster force

The Zeds evolved from the many animals that once existed in the human world. Whether they live on land or in the sea, they are affected. Therefore, the human battle with Zeds will be very diverse, and the difficulty is also great. Imagine large-sized animals like elephants, rhinos, wild boars… With the addition of giant dragon scales and the ability to fly energy in the sky. Or small-sized species such as scorpions and geckos have now magnified hundreds of times. All Zeds in Outland Odyssey will drop item shards based on their specific characteristics when destroyed. Players will search and kill them all.

Outland Odyssey free

The hunt for the giant evolved monster has just begun. Choose the character class you are most confident with. Build the perfect equipment and tactics for the search. Collect items from slain monsters to increase their power even further. Outland Odyssey mod gives players dozens of hours to explore the world and increase their power.

Download Outland Odyssey MOD APK (Menu/God mode) for Android

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