Oh my Anne MOD APK 1.3.2 (Menu/Unlimited money, lives)

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NameOh my Anne APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money, lives
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Oh my Anne wants you to fully enjoy the warm words from Anne, a beautiful girl. Behind that cuteness is a whole life of misfortune that she suffered in her childhood. You will listen to the touchingly edited story. Romantic details will also show you that this life is worth living. Sadness will let the dandelion petals take you far away and return you the best. Accompany her from childhood to adulthood, have more relationships and make decisions. The details are attractive, the plot is gentle but attractive. Express your point of view and empathize with the situation for the character.

Oh my Anne mod

Download Oh my Anne mod – Heartwarming adventure journey

Anne was inherently an imperfect girl physically, she could not speak. That cute beauty cannot save this misfortune, but you can sympathize. Matthew and Marilla’s family understood her heart only after confiding. So a beautiful ending for Anne, who her family adopted, events began to take place from here. You and the character go through different stages, and the plot also progresses gradually. The more and more romantic and poetic details make you hard to separate. Friendship, love, sadness and joy are all natural. You feel every piece in this story, listen and understand.

Oh my Anne

Endless chapters with no limits will be released by Oh my Anne. Discovering with little Anne, the journey of growing up becomes even more special. The threshold of happiness and sadness is fragile; the challenging stages will not stop. Players accompany Anne to solve puzzles to expand the future with more good things. The journey is always fascinating by the story’s details and heartwarming sayings that cannot be ignored. The conversations also help you capture information about the character, facilitating the authentic role-playing process. Let’s enjoy it gently, the more restrictive it is, the more unable to connect with Anne.

Oh my Anne apk

Puzzle level

Oh my Anne prepares match-3 puzzles to challenge you but keep it simple. Colourful items like hats, buttons, fruits, and lucky clover appear together. You will admire them in a frame, arranged in a disorderly manner. Your task now is to swap the positions of those items and put them in a row with three cells of the same colour. When similar items are merged, it immediately disappears. In each round, there will be a requirement for the number of things to find and the corresponding number of plays. Use those turns to change positions to collect all items, and then you win.

Oh my Anne mod apk

Home improvement

For Anne’s life to be perfect, the houses you discover must be fully furnished. To do that, there is only one way to accumulate items. Living utensils, furniture, then decorations, everything is necessary. Paint the house, clean the floor, remove the dirt, and organize the newly collected table. Clean and friendly accommodation also makes you happy, do it immediately, from tiny houses to luxurious and spacious villas. Thanks to you doing the match 3 challenge, you can conquer the interior. Recreate your home in the style you want, as long as you like it. Full of creativity, depending on the taste of each person.

Oh my Anne apk free

Look at the relationship

While living in the town of Avonlea, Anne will expand her relationship with people. Surrounded by houses, friendship is formed, then romantic feelings. Many objects appear in Anne’s life, but who is kind? Step by step, expanding the level is also when you make more relationships. The story from there never stopped growing, the conversation back and forth between many people amused you. Every moment with the person you love is precious, let Anne express her feelings instead. She welcomes new friends and makes friends with people to receive help when needed. It would be best if you also were careful with some objects so as not to be fooled.

Oh my Anne and you sit back and enjoy relaxing stories. Challenges are always open, rewards will come, so you don’t feel discouraged. Players are also free to dress up Anne, giving her a different and unique look. Warm words from subjects, including Anne, make the player feel cool. The plot isn’t too new, but it’s not dull. Download Oh my Anne mod, enjoy the details in the story of the beautiful girl Anne.

Download Oh my Anne MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, lives) for Android

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