Ocean Is Home: Survival Island MOD APK (Unlimited coins)

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NameOcean Is Home: Survival Island APK
PublisherBirdy Dog Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited coins
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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How is life on a deserted island? Have you ever thought that you would live there? Ocean Is Home: Survival Island is a game that gives a realistic look, people can survive here. Go to the vast islands, cover everything on your own to survive. Living alone in a deserted place will no longer be as scary as you thought. There are many animals and plants here for you to explore. Build your own home on this island. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, survive with your own skills.

Ocean Is Home Survival Island mod

Download Ocean Is Home: Survival Island mod – Survival on a deserted island

Living in the hustle and bustle of the city makes you feel tired. Ocean Is Home: Survival Island will be a quiet place, leaving behind all the chaos of life. Everything is shown with images that are no different from reality. Everything is handled by you. All actions will determine life here. Experience living in a wild place, crafting the necessary support tools yourself. Build houses, find food, do everything to stay alive.

Ocean Is Home Survival Island mod free

The survival game is no longer a strange topic. Ocean Is Home: Survival Island has been introduced by the publisher to utterly new gameplay. The task to do is to help the character survive. Amid a harsh climate, unfavorable living conditions, you will need to fight to get through. Start making your own from the minor things, build your own residence. Make sure to have a place to avoid wild animals, rain storms… Craft hunting tools maintain daily meals. Gather resources, don’t let yourself get exhausted. Your life will depend on your own ability.

Ocean Is Home Survival Island mod android

Collect materials and resources

Players will have to search, move to neighboring areas to get materials. On the islands, dangerous places… there will be things that will help you improve your life. Exploiting, crafting at will, making the necessary tools. Toolmaking is indispensable for wood and stone. Those things will be materials to build houses, make weapons. This will be the task as well as the daily work that the player needs to do. Big constructions are possible if you work hard to gather resources. Improve tools, vehicles, stabilize life on the island.

Ocean Is Home Survival Island mod download

Building a place to live

A place to live here is indispensable. Home will be the place for you to return after each work and activity on the island. Prepare wood, necessary materials to build a house. Design your home the way you want it, get a stronghold against the dangers. Weather, wildlife… are factors that affect your life. Combine things to get the perfect home, to live in, and to craft tools. Dangers can strike at any time. You need to take precautions, build a safe base to deal with any problems that arise. Quickly upgrade from a small house to a more modern and spacious home.

Ocean Is Home Survival Island mod apk

Fight to survive

You will have to deal with everything that happens on your own. Do not let your health decline, if you do not want to lose your life. The animals that eat humans, the weather will also significantly affect daily life. The player’s life is easily attacked by animals. Strength will be reduced quickly, you also need time to recover. Exhausted by the cold wind, hot sun… a lot of obstacles make it difficult for you. The only thing that helps to pass this time quickly is to maintain strength, supplement with adequate food. Always have food reserves, defensive weapons. Counterattack dangerous animals, exploit more sources of water and electricity to serve life. Fight with nature, wild animals to survive.

Life in the wilderness offers quite a bit of experience. No support, no people, players alone will live here. Live a life where there is no city smog, high-rise buildings. There are only islands, dense trees, and animals here. Ocean Is Home: Survival Island will let players enjoy a different life on this vast island. Download Ocean Is Home: Survival Island mod to survive in the wilderness.

Download Ocean Is Home: Survival Island MOD APK (Unlimited coins) for Android

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