Obey Me! MOD APK 6.5.0 (Menu/Freeze enemy/High Damage)

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NameObey Me! APK
PublisherNTT Solmare Corp.
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Freeze enemy/High Damage
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Chat, get attention from warm boys, do you like it? That feeling will be faithfully expressed in Obey Me! from the very first play. You will meet, start a good relationship. Whether male or female, you can still get to know each other. Obey Me! is one of the most loved dating games. Create a sense of excitement, different levels of emotions. This will be an opportunity for a guy to gain more experience in taking care of the person he loves. Express your feelings, choose a lover you like. Finding a life partner, accompanying each other on the road ahead.

Obey Me mod

Download Obey Me! mod – Looking for a companion boy

Obey Me! There are many new points compared to games of the same genre. Games are a way to help you connect with the person you like. Regardless of whether the player is male or female, Obey Me! is suitable for all gamers. Start with fun conversations, discover each other’s personalities. Step by step, build strong feelings, get a special guy by your side. Join Play Obey Me! and enter the pink world of love. Choose a man with the right style that you like, go on a date.

Obey Me mod apk

Players will be started with calls, contact with boyfriend. Still a way to help gamers find half of the world. Relieve loneliness, end the series of single days. Obey Me! meet the needs of every personality. Male or female, they all need attention from their lover. Developer NTT Solmare Corp is also appreciated for offering a suitable game mode. Let everyone feel when playing the game that being true to themselves will create happiness. Get to know each other, make new friends, and develop feelings for each other during the dating phase.

Obey Me mod free

Immerse yourself in each story

The stories are expressed through the very interaction between you and the guy. Depending on how much two people give each other, it will bring many different romantic and emotional situations. Players need to take the time to learn about the other, better understand who they are. Constantly chatting, texting every day is also a way to build strong relationships. Meeting and dating each other in meetings, creating good feelings for the guy. So that each meeting will make the other person feel nostalgic and nostalgic, treat them like your future life partner. Write a romantic love story, create beautiful moments together.

Obey Me mod android

Develop a good relationship

The lines of texting and chatting with each other will be the premise to start a new relationship. From friends can become lovers, Obey Me! will make it a reality. The way you are interacting with them will directly affect the current state of both of you. Obey Me! There will be a level of intimacy with the characters. First, players will be able to choose their favorite character. Get to know each other and go to chats. The guy will also show his actions and feelings for you. Together build affection, always share all life stories. Connect more with many new friends, have your own pure and happy love with your loved one.

Obey Me mod download

Entertainment with cards

Besides just dating, Obey Me! also allows players to participate in entertainment with cards. Choose a team to play, create an army to start fighting. Defeat the evil Devildom demons, defeat them in battles. Team up with 7 ikemen brothers to quickly destroy the enemy. Collect more cards and upgrade for an increasingly powerful army. Get more wins after each participation. Join the battle in many exciting card battles, topping the leaderboards.

Find out about unique boys and get a boyfriend to go with. Obey Me! It will be the way for you to find the one you love. Interact with each other, starting with familiarization messages. Pursue a romance, besides your love, every day. Obey Me! is a place for young people to exchange and go far on the road of love. Download Obey Me! mod hot guy dating.

Download Obey Me! MOD APK (Menu/Freeze enemy/High Damage) for Android

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