Ninja’s Creed MOD APK v4.0.2 (Unlimited energy/No shake while aiming)

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NameNinja’s Creed
Publisher707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited energy/No shake while aiming
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation


  • No shake while aiming


  • Unlimited energy
  • Vision doesn’t shake when aiming
  • Get free stuff without watching ads

A good sniper assassin with professional skills. Ninja’s Creed allows players to fight and show off their talents. The world is being turned upside down by the forces of the enemy, you will stand up to resist. Make the enemy armies will be terrified when you attack. Hiding in the dark and not revealing your identity. Players will begin to destroy criminals one by one, disintegrating their army. Ninja’s Creed will let you be a talented hero, defeating each enemy. Criminal gangs will quickly be killed by you. Make them receive a proper death.

Ninjas Creed mod

Download Ninja’s Creed mod – Assassin destroys criminal gangs

The city is constantly attacked by evil criminals. They make people’s lives unstable, trading underground with bad purposes. As an assassin, you’ll have to put an end to that quickly. Quickly destroy every trade they are making, eliminating each enemy one by one. Not appearing in front of them, you will hide your face to attack. The battles will take place at night, creating many advantages for players. Assassinate and perform consecutive attacks on each enemy. Make the entire criminal gang disband as soon as possible.

Ninjas Creed mod free

The only weapon you have is a bow and arrow. It will help you kill each criminal effectively. By sniping, aiming, and aiming to create the most accuracy. Performed with professional skills, defeat the enemy force. Experience each fierce battle, overthrowing the entire evil force. You will help the city to be free with a peaceful life. Protect the lives of the people here, no longer have the shadow of the enemy. Ninja’s Creed takes you to a fierce battle, becoming a brave assassin. All gangs will be destroyed by you, not letting any criminals survive.

Ninjas Creed mod download

Track and destroy target

Players will need to observe and perform aiming at targets to shoot bows and arrows. Assassinations are not easy, requiring preparation and smart fighting. The happenings will always be unexpected, unlike the previous games. You can defeat them but get injured is also inevitable. Therefore, it is always necessary to defend and not underestimate the opponent. They also have very strong resistance and attack abilities. Going into battle needs to clearly identify the target and shoot exactly at the object you want. Accuracy will help you get the fastest win. Mistakes are something that should not happen, it will affect the outcome of the battle as well as your safety.

Ninjas Creed mod android

Improve your archery skills

Archery is not easy, it requires many different skills. Facing the targets to attack, aim for each opponent. Sometimes it is normal to shoot in the wrong position, not hitting the criminal. The criminals also have a great fighting power, bringing many dangers. No battle can be easily overcome, death can happen at any time. The upgrade of strength and ability to use weapons is necessary. It will make it easier to face enemies, being able to attack all of them. In addition, combined with other weapons such as crossbows, hidden weapons… Create a unique arsenal of combat weapons, helping players confidently step out into battle. Do not forget about Eagle-Eyes – this is a special skill, capable of attacking opponents at a distance. Eliminate enemies as quickly as possible, making them unstoppable.

Ninjas Creed mod apk

Rule the regions

After you have attacked the criminals, you will have the right to rule those areas. Each location will be controlled by you. Hold the rights and protect the lives of citizens here. You will then receive the corresponding taxable amounts. Like an adventure, Ninja’s Creed will let players go to each location where criminals appear. Use every strategy to be able to attack them quickly. Quickly gain ownership of the area, dominating all enemy teams. Ninja’s Creed allows players to govern and make policies as desired. In addition to reaching the goal with a large reward, you will be the fear of each criminal gang. Download Ninja’s Creed mod skilled archer assassin.

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