Ninja Survivors Online MOD APK 1.240 (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier)

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NameNinja Survivors Online APK
PublisherPuzzle Monsters
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Menu
2. Attack Speed Multiplier
3. Move Speed Multiplier

Ninja is a famous Japanese warrior symbol. This character image is used to create many different entertainment products. Is fighting like a ninja your true dream? We’ve got a way to help players verify this. Come to Ninja Survivors Online to experience the extreme matches right away. The maker of Puzzle Monsters introduced this game at the end of 2022. It quickly became a craze in the world’s ninja community. Ninja Survivors Online – this game for children over seven years old is worth trying and evaluating. Come and master your ninja army in brutal, challenging confrontations.

Ninja Survivors Online mod

Download Ninja Survivors Online mod – Survival like ninjas

Ninja Survivors Online offers a unique combination of two popular game genres. It both lets players experience a roguelike setting and presents fresh survival challenges. You will survive in your way with efforts and efforts in combat. Ninja Survivors Online will never follow the boring imitation survival games’ motif. This new product, launching at the end of 2022, promises to let you try most of the innovations that a fighting game can bring. The main characters will be ninjas with agile speed and fighting ability that is second to none. It would be best if you controlled them to win against formidable enemies in Ninja Survivors Online.

Ninja Survivors Online apk

Ninja Survivors Online’s slogan is “Don’t live alone; let’s survive together”. Because, in this game, the ninja will not fight alone. With your help, they will form special battle teams to survive together. This form of combat is that the enemies in Ninja Survivors Online are tough to deal with. It would be best if you were careful of two types of enemies in Ninja Survivors Online. Firstly, monsters that flocked together often attacked at the same time. Second, giant bosses carry special powers that no one can foresee. To get a complete victory, upgrade and fully equip your characters.

Ninja Survivors Online mod apk

Many warriors to choose from

To create a good team in Ninja Survivors Online, the elements of the group must not be trivial. They are all quite familiar faces in the world of Japanese manga. Names like Luho or the dog Shiba are also present at Ninja Survivors Online. Each character will have their strengths. As a result, players can experience various skills and perks in this game. For example, blonde Luho has Kunai darts capable of knocking down opponents in close range. At the same time, his confident demeanour also increases his attack power by 20%. You should use this feature to help Luho and other warriors save your teammates.

Ninja Survivors Online android

Combination of weapons and skills

In Ninja Survivors Online, each individual can not only use their unique ability. Besides, each warrior can take advantage of unlimited skill combinations. Choose the skill you need for each different weapon for maximum efficiency. It can be said that the survival of the entire ninja team depends on your combined strategy. At Ninja Survivors Online, many familiar ninja weapons are available, including darts, daggers, bows and arrows. Each tool comes in various shapes and sizes suitable for combat situations. Some gloves carry mystical powers. You can freely upgrade them to become stronger.

Ninja Survivors Online apk free

Team up with friends

As stated, Ninja Survivors Online is not a personal war. The collective strength will help the ninja complete the mission and survive in this fierce arena. Therefore, Ninja Survivors Online presents an opportunity for players to experience with their friends. What’s better than a roguelike adventure when you have a teammate to walk with? The monsters will be in awe of the spirit and strength of the ninja warriors. Players and friends will control different ninja warriors to master this showdown. The unique power of each ninja will help support other ninjas. So, it would be best to work well as a team when playing with friends.

Ninja Survivors Online is a beautiful video game. If other old fighting games have bored you, refresh with Ninja Survivors Online. This team fighting game will cheer you up quickly, thanks to brutal confrontations with various enemies. Ninja Survivors Online also has a single-player mode if you prefer. Just know how to combine ninjas; victory is in your hands. Download Ninja Survivors Online mod and control the ninjas in the fierce battle for survival.

Download Ninja Survivors Online MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android

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