Street Fight MOD APK 7.4.0 (Dumb enemy)

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NameStreet Fight APK
PublisherFighting Arena
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Ninja Superhero Fighting Game is a warrior’s fight with an explosive atmosphere. Players will play an important role, performing a noble mission. It was to rescue his girlfriend Ying Yue from a dangerous place. It was the criminal gangs that kidnapped Ying Yue, they always created many dangers for the city. You are the only hope to save your girlfriend and the area with a peaceful life. The fighting matches since then also took place fiercely, every opponent did not give up the goal. Fight with all means to eliminate each opponent, not letting anyone affect the life here.

Ninja Superhero Fighting Game mod

Download Street Fight mod – Battle of ninja hero warriors

The story throughout the game revolves around battles. The drama will be pushed to the climax as the enemies appear more and more. The construction of a combination of robot and ninja super-warriors, it also creates many new things. You will be transformed into a muscular warrior with many special attack abilities. Ready to be in every match, confronting formidable enemies. Towards a single goal when fighting is to bring safety to your girlfriend and everyone. The battle journey will be played with many situations that you need to deal with. Go to the top stages to show your strength.

Ninja Superhero Fighting Game mod free

The streets in Vegas city are locations where criminals reside. They are messing everything up, making human life threatened and disturbed. This state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue, the only way to do it is to fight. You are the representative of brave warriors, determined to defeat the enemy. Encounter with countless enemies with formidable power, and assert your position. This is the time to take all actions to solve the rebellion of the enemy forces. End the attack of the shadow warrior, help Ying Yue free.

Ninja Superhero Fighting Game mod download

Focus attack

The only way to defeat the enemy is to attack. Please perform pressing attack buttons in succession to be able to fight all opponents. Ninja Superhero Fighting Game provides a lot of tools to make combat weapons. Players can use it while participating in the battle, increasing their strength. Baseball bats, wooden boxes, irons and archery weapons… Players just need to choose and click on the weapon to compete. Timely dodge counterattacks and perform impressive destructive combos. Depending on the situation, you also need to have an appropriate way of dealing with it. Just make a small mistake, and failure is also very easy to happen. Highly focused, using the most aggressive attack methods to bring a high result.

Ninja Superhero Fighting Game mod apk

Superpower upgrade

The increasingly stronger and more numerous opponents also bring great pressure. At the same time, the game’s difficulty will also increase, making you encounter countless challenges. The ability to upgrade is a must to be able to resist all forces by unlocking more features of the legendary ninja katana sword fighting style. Combined with the use of powerful weapons to create a series of the strongest attack combos. Take advantage and target the enemy’s weak points, act as a master. Gain experience from failures, start over again to achieve better results. Upgrade your warrior to the highest rank, despite all the challenges.

Ninja Superhero Fighting Game mod android

The ultimate warrior gathering

The warriors who accompany you will all be able to attack powerfully and fiercely. They all possess a tall appearance, able to compete with all enemies. Learn and use all the skills they have to defeat the forces of darkness. Recruit talented warriors capable enough to fight. Once you’ve chosen a companion, what you need to do is navigate the battle. It is not too difficult for you to find a warrior strong enough to fight on the battlefield. All super soldiers are designed with eye-catching images, not letting players down. Especially for those who love Ninja and fighting, this is a perfect choice. Download Ninja Superhero Fighting Game mod to rescue your girlfriend and city from danger.

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