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Mystic Hills lets you experience the mysterious plot of the love between you and the vampire. Continually transform your story, make choices, and enjoy it. Events can come suddenly or mysteriously in an extraordinary way. Secrets that have never been revealed have also been revealed, and you are the one to discover them. Try once to touch the eyes of a vampire’s love; you will have extraordinary love stories. Full of thorny challenges, solve puzzles and go deeper and make choices. Every decision you make affects the outcome later, don’t be too hasty to make mistakes.

Mystic Hills mod

Download Mystic Hills mod – Meet interesting characters

Mystic Hills has sent you a list of mysterious names. Most of them will be vampires but exceedingly handsome. If you have to cooperate with them, do you accept it? Maybe this meeting will lead to an exciting love affair; you will fall in love with that person. Relax with romance, but no less dramatic. Every moment you experience has its mark, and the player can control it, but there are also times when there are surprises. Humorous and sincere dialogues take place through which you can grasp current information. The situation can change at any time; you will make the final result.

Mystic Hills apk free

Twisted plot with many hidden details; you can’t stop developing your story. These characters come together to create a running sequence. It’s time for you to start your adventure with your vampires. Time will bring you the best results, with you enjoying the unique stories. On the way appear many romantic and mysterious elements; explore little by little to see their charm. Participate in significant events, and collect valuable rewards to increase your ability. Mystic Hills also requires players to be sensitive and improvise promptly to what is happening.

Mystic Hills mod apk

Addictive match-3 puzzle

Solve match-3 puzzles to help you get more loot. Enjoy sweet things, as well as train your intelligence. Move the position of those coloured items so that 3 of the same colour are merged in rows. Each round of Mystic Hills gives you a certain number of moves with requirements. Your task is based on the number of plays to plan to change the position of those items. The cells of the same colour must be located on the same row; from 3 or more, the more the power explodes. Use help if you need it, and don’t forget to accumulate it for future use.

Mystic Hills apk

Survive in the vampire town

Through this journey, the player must approach many vampire objects. It’s normal for you to work with them and fall in love with these strange-looking boys. You need to supplement yourself with survival skills and survive the approaches to these secret people. Build a villa with full furniture to survive, and have a residence. The stories in which you are the main character are related to these vampire boys. Try to control what is happening, and do not get trapped by the feelings around you. Create a relationship and form a unique love story. Choose someone suitable for you and who understands you.

Mystic Hills

Change character style

Choose your outfit and express your style through clothes and makeup. Mystic Hills creates hundreds of costumes, each with a different company. One player is classic, but another likes modern. The variety in styles is increasing; you give your character more options. Sexy, elegant or mischievous, anything is possible. Short or long hair is also your choice. Transforming with a beautiful appearance, it is that beauty that will attract the vampire boys. It would be best to show your interface, especially so the opponent can’t miss any eyes when looking at you.

Mystic Hills opens your way to a castle filled with mystery. Players also have waves of curiosity and love to explore. Vampires are even more special at this point; you want to go to their place. The town began to bustle, and so did the world of love. The characters get to know each other, create mutual relationships and develop feelings. Each person has a personality; the adventure is increasingly attractive. Your cooperation is shown in the way you choose your answer. Download Mystic Hills mod, and turn the secret story into your event.

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