My Restaurant Empire MOD APK 1.0.8 (Unlimited money)

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NameMy Restaurant Empire APK
PublisherMini Stone Games - Chef & Restaurant Cooking Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Eating is an essential daily task for all of us. Not just humans but any other species as well. However, it must be admitted that people rarely go to the kitchen. The reason is that they are too busy or simply not interested in cooking. However, a meal prepared by yourself will undoubtedly be delicious if the chef gives it his full attention. How about you? Are you a good cook? Whatever the answer, there is a place that can spark your love of cooking. It’s the game My Restaurant Empire. This colorful and flavorful game is for all ages.

My Restaurant Empire mod

Download My Restaurant Empire mod – Build your cuisine empire

My Restaurant Empire is developed from the Rising Super Chef series storming the entertainment market. Since its appearance, My Restaurant Empire has quickly gained millions of downloads from the public. The development of a culinary empire must start from the smallest. It’s the love of cooking. Only with this passion can you unleash your creativity in the kitchen with fresh ingredients. Your talent will be a fire in the long-cooled kitchens in town. From then on, you are like a hero chef known to everyone. Renovate the restaurants and make the town bustling with customers like never before.

My Restaurant Empire apk

Along with developing restaurants, you can also discover side stories in My Restaurant Empire. In the past, this town was famous for its food. However, do not know what happened to make the kitchens here stop burning. Unyielding, you stood up to help the townspeople find joy in the kitchen again. It is also a wish your grandparents have cherished for a long time. As a pioneer, you will be the thread that holds everyone together. Developing a brilliant culinary empire cannot be done alone. In this town, cooking is the easiest way for people to understand and forgive each other.

My Restaurant Empire mod apk

Own a classic recipe book

The person who instilled in you your love of food is your grandfather, no one else. Now, you and the kitchen seem inseparable. Talent is one thing, but the efforts you have to put in to be able to cook like a master are no less. This achievement must also be mentioned as a powerful tool. It was my grandfather’s diary. In this notebook are carefully recorded hundreds of recipes. It is a fortune, a lifetime accumulation of your friend. He was happy that he had found a grandchild to inherit this “legacy.” My Restaurant Empire’s high-performance tools make it more fun than the usual cooking games.

My Restaurant Empire android

Dream restaurant decoration

To attract diners, restaurants need more than just delicious dishes because, from the outside looking in, they will be impressed by the first decoration and arrangement. Therefore, pay a little attention to the decoration of your restaurant. You can buy furniture in the garden, or outside the lobby, for a splendid look. In addition, put more luxurious dining tables in aristocratic style in the VIP room, for example. These items can be purchased in the store. In addition, you can also be given a prize. Prizes will be awarded if the player serves a quick and delicious meal that pleases the diners. If you keep customers waiting too long, they may leave for a rival restaurant.

My Restaurant Empire apk free

Upgrading the kitchen

The soul of every restaurant is in the kitchen. Besides fresh ingredients and good technique, supporting tools are also essential. It would help if you equipped the kitchen with all the necessary items for cooking and serving diners. For example, a toaster or a pancake machine for example. These items are sold a lot in the store at different prices. You can use the profits from the business to reinvest in purchasing this item. They will help you cook faster and more deliciously. From there, the diners will be much more satisfied.

My Restaurant Empire is a simulation game that brings great relaxation. The pictures and colors of the dishes here can make you feel starving. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get inspired to cook by passionate people. Be more attached to your kitchen. That’s how to take care of your health through nutritious meals. Download My Restaurant Empire mod and manage a luxury restaurant empire.

Download My Restaurant Empire MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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