My Hotpot Story MOD APK 1.7.0 (Menu/Unlimited money/Cup/High rank)

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NameMy Hotpot Story APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money/Cup/High rank
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

V1: Menu

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Fish
  • Unlimited WC Cup
  • Unlimited Skin Cup
  • Opening Wine Party
  • Unlimited Staff Train
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Rank Multiplier

V2: Use diamonds to exchange for money

My Hotpot Story continues the story of selling goods on the street and becoming the owner of a hotpot shop. This realistic simulation involves conversations with customers, serving them, and launching delicious dishes. Usually, you will be serving different groups of guests simultaneously, the number of which is unbelievable. All ages can come to your restaurant, special needs are catered for. Varied many spices in a hot pot, the menu is increasingly diverse to help you win the race. Business processes follow the basic steps, grasping you will make everything easier.

My Hotpot Story mod apk

Download My Hotpot Story mod – Light the fire for happy hotpots

For a hotpot enthusiast, My Hotpot Story you cannot ignore. Human kitchen smoke is always lit, never planning to stop. This shows a passion for cooking and an increasing number of guests. The boiling hot pot is brought up, the side dishes are arranged neatly, creating harmony. The flavors are flexibly varied to meet the diverse menu creation. You have a wide range of customers, so the more choices you have, the more convenient you are. The dishes are served hot, constantly out of the oven, and sometimes not keeping up with the speed that customers order.

My Hotpot Story mod

Your shop is mainly Chinese style, an elegant place with delicious food. Everything you create for this restaurant is with the desire for it to be famous. The restaurant’s form and the dish must be in sync with each other, along with excellent quality. It would help if you were overwhelmed with the list of dishes included in My Hotpot Story, which is highly numerous. Do you want those foods to be yours? Of course, every player’s wish is there, so conquer each level. Always burning with passion for cooking like a flame that never goes out. Try to create the most eye-catching space to manage.

My Hotpot Story 1

Develop different hot pot dishes

To bring delicious dishes to serve customers, you need to improve the quality of the food to the staff. Newly launched hot pot dishes always attract more customers. The broth must be suitable for everyone’s taste, the side dishes are fresh and delicious. It’s never too late to develop a menu, you can do it daily. The reward for earning enough money every day is you will receive delicious food. Specialties in China are all converged in My Hotpot Story; let’s explore. Spicy or special spicy are all processed according to customers’ requirements, listen to them to give them the best experience when coming to your restaurant.

My Hotpot Story apk

Restaurant decoration

Giving your restaurant a new look is also one of your tasks. Scale development is more necessary than expanding the name. Things to decorate, you have to collect through each level, accumulate bit by bit to get a complete design. Open a large chain of restaurants, each of which has an area to serve hundreds of guests per day. At that time, you will become more prosperous than ever, idle, and earn money. The decoration style depends on the creativity of the player, most of them are Chinese. The combination of classic and modern always brings a beautiful style and space to a hot pot restaurant.

My Hotpot Story apk free

Training employees

The restaurant staff at My Hotpot Story includes a chef and a server. These two parts must be connected seamlessly, if separated, it is impossible to create a standard service. Operators like you must have plans to build the development direction for the restaurant. Select a sufficient number of employees, and train them according to the standards. Their speed of service depends on you, so being quick is a plus. Enjoy many business methods but indispensable staff to accompany you. They will support you even when you are away, everything will still be programmed. Owning a team of quality staff, professional chefs, and enthusiastic servers.

My Hotpot Story revolves around the story of the owner of a hotpot restaurant who owns a massive property. Your own hands make everything you have, there is no denying what you have tried for it. Although it is a virtual game, you are brought to the most realistic feeling. All the restaurant operation is up to you to decide, its fate to be famous or not is in your hands. Striving to become a famous businessman, a brand with delicious hotpot dishes. Challenge all the delicious, unique dishes, and choose the ingredients carefully. Download My Hotpot Story mod, manage happy hotpot shops, and cover the streets in the fastest way.

Download My Hotpot Story MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money/Cup/High rank) for Android

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