Murders on Budapest! MOD APK 1.0.7 (Unlimited tickets)

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NameMurders on Budapest! APK
PublisherBuff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited tickets
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Murders on Budapest! carry out the case in Budapest! with thrilling details but felt in an exciting way. The comedy elements have reduced the mystery of the plots, which breaks the rule of law. But something new, and different will still be preferred and attractive in its way, do you want to try it? A story inspired by Agatha Christie and Higashino Keigo by writers of thrillers. You will learn a lot of exciting things through the details in the story, moreover, you will discover those things yourself. So surprise is always the factor that makes you fill the void, turn the situation around, turn everything around.

Murders on Budapest mod apk

Download Murders on Budapest! mod – Solve funny cases to find secret information

Murders on Budapest! follow the line to tell the message, the fact that the player captures through funny stories on the phone screen. You can join that conversation to find the culprit, anyone in the group is likely. You should not exclude anyone from the list because the culprit is of your own choosing. It’s also a new privilege, but you have to create unexpected episodes, like that to be interesting. The gameplay revolves around choices, promoting the autonomy of each player. You have freedom but that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want, everything still has its own principles. So wait for a certain moment to unleash the breathtaking truth.

New stories, incredible characters also gradually appear in your world. Follow every detail that the story of Murders on Budapest! talking, you’ll catch a lot of things. Do not miss a single line of messages or you will put things in a difficult situation yourself. Every detail of the story is expressed through images and messages, that perfect combination. Things are happening in a certain pattern, but you have the right to break them. The humor brought always makes players enjoy with many mixed feelings. Shape this adventure yourself, give you time to conquer them all, keep a close eye on the situation, don’t give up halfway!

Murders on Budapest apk free

Collect evidence

The achievements you get after finishing each chapter are of different value. For example, a wild boar in Flanders can overthrow Pluto’s plot or even a fan of Agatha Christie. Everything you collect must be put in the collection to keep. The short story novels are also gradually being Murders on Budapest! revealed, you will follow it to find clues. The data that you accumulate will serve the investigation process. This is probably the only source for you to find out the truth, who is the culprit? Are the rumors true, even if someone admits that they are the one to blame, but is it true?

Murders on Budapest apk

Finish according to your choice

This kind of selection model isn’t new, but the storyline makes it stand out. Players get Murders on Budapest! grant the privilege of using his or her choice. This is the moment for you to satisfy your passion for writing stories, for a new ending. The flexibility of each player will bring many new storylines that were not foreseen. Mysterious to humorous, what makes everything in this story so interesting? To answer this answer, the only way is to immerse yourself in the character directly. Explore short stories, find the culprit and run away, uncover the truth and choose a happy ending.

Murders on Budapest mod

Going with the flow of time

Murders on Budapest! brings an open ending to let the player decide. The novels are divided into chapters, go through this section to lock the next chapter. You’ll uncover the plot in the order that the story flows seamlessly. The message lines appear continuously as people are chatting directly without any arrangement. That is also what makes players addicted. The authentic adventure of being discovered by you, nothing to hide. All characters in the story become lucrative targets to carry out surveillance. Don’t ignore any suspects, dig deep to find out.

Murders on Budapest! always create unexpected details, everyone is a murderer. That sounds unreasonable, but it’s true, no one is really kind. The character lines are exploited in many directions, in addition to the open ending, everything becomes more ambiguous. What will happen in the future is unknown, go through each chapter for more details. Accept unexpected endings, don’t be shocked when you know the truth. Be the best solver, find even the smallest clues. Download Murders on Budapest! mod, delve into funny crime-solving novels.

Download Murders on Budapest! MOD APK (Unlimited tickets) for Android

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