Murder by Choice MOD APK 2.2.0 (Unlimited hints)

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NameMurder by Choice APK
PublisherNordcurrent Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited hints
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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MOD Infomation

If you cannot enter the game, please use a game accelerator or network tool (Science Online V) to try.

Cases and mysterious disappearances are constantly happening, and a talented detective must participate in the investigation and pursuit of the evil perpetrator who is still running rampant. All will be in a detective role-playing game called Murder by Choice. Players will participate in surveys and investigate mysterious cases out there. Use your wits to solve the puzzle surrounding the bizarre case. Take many extraordinary contexts to make the game player think and calculate. Game levels have things placed around a room or space. Intelligent and intelligent players can calculate from that there are many options. Then make the conclusions to conquer the screenplay of this Murder by Choice detective game.

Murder by Choice

Download Murder by Choice mod – A true detective

It is a game that combines many elements that make it attractive to players. The convergence of adventure and puzzle play parallel to detective work. Uncover the mysteries set deep within the contexts that this Murder by the Choice game will set to cause confusion and trick the game players into engaging in detective work. No matter how brilliant the game player is, they will have to think for a long time to solve it. It’s interesting when you have transformed into a tremendous detective-like story. It’s very cool when your judgments can solve challenging puzzles. Bring the case to light and catch the criminals in the game with proper punishment.

Murder by Choice mod

Investigation stories often revolve around cases that Murder by Choice players need to hear and understand to gain valuable knowledge and clues. Witnesses tell themselves stories and actions of the day. Surely there will be a bit awkward and suspicious for players to uncover. From there, players will understand the excitement of the cases that cause headaches. Gone with the fascinating case tempo is not easy for players to solve the mystery. Go through a range of emotions from suffocating tension to excitement as you solve the case of this Murder by Choice adventure game.

The story of lust begins

The game’s players will play the role of a journalist invited to the island and receive an invitation from a billionaire named Ruben De Vard, who is extremely rich. But when coming to this billionaire’s island, a lot of things happened to this place. The disappearances and the mysterious cases unfold in a complicated way to understand. Surrounded by wealthy businessmen and everyone will be a suspect. Dive into the scene to give yourself a chance to find something as a clue. The calculations are found by the players and then brought to confront the character that appears here. The secrets of this island gradually emerged, and the players found them. Not only the cases but also a special force is taking over.

Murder by Choice mod apk

An exciting, thrilling scene

An island that has many original views is lovely. But when the cases happen continuously, a scene looks scary. Murder by Choice game players will be tracing everything around the stage. An experience that is somewhat scary but attracts curious and intelligent game players passionate about solving cases like the TV series. Think of yourself as a weapon detector that the criminal has left here. Players must solve detective puzzles that require the most ingenious observation. Murder by Choice locations will have interesting puzzles around. It looks like it’s worth taking up the challenge with this island detective adventure.

Murder by Choice mod apk free

Make key choices

There comes a time when Murder by Choice players have to decide. Who is the killer the game player thinks about after solving the puzzle? You must be very careful because it is hard work in the process of participating in solving this case. The ambiguous relationships surrounding the victim make this game confusing. Ask questions to your character and around to find out.

Murder by Choice mod android

The player of the game concludes to be able to solve the case. Download Murder by Choice mod to participate in solving the mysterious issues on the island invited by the billionaire to join the great party.

Download Murder by Choice MOD APK (Unlimited hints) for Android

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