Mr. Dog MOD APK v1.5.1 (Dumb enemy)

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NameMr. Dog
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Mr. Dog is a game for you to find the secrets in Mr Dog’s house. There are many dangers here, affecting life. Players will discover and find their answers. An adventure at home with many mysteries. Quickly escape before being found by Mr Dog. That is the way to save yourself. A horror game that will give players many challenges. Mr Dog’s house at night with intruders seems like a nightmare. The darkness, ominously gloomy, became a horror.

Mr. Dog mod apk

Download Mr. Dog mod – Escape from Mr Dog’s house

The puzzles and traps are in this house. Your task is to find the clues of those secrets. The gameplay is more dramatic with each mission that Mr. Dog brought. Players will be swept up in the events taking place here. Finding mysteries is never easy. It takes time as well as a thorough search. This is one of the horror games mixed with humorous elements. Not only will the hidden truths be found, but the player will also need to rescue his friend. Quickly run away from this place and ensure your life. Once Mr Dog finds out, he certainly won’t leave you alone.

Mr. Dog mod free

Passing the fat guy’s house, you discover that your friend has been arrested. At this point, you will be the one to find the way to the rescue. The late-night scene makes the game even more dramatic. Mr. Dog opens up a realistic context for players to step into the real world. Mr. Dog is dedicated to those who like adventure, discovering new things. Runaway from the fat guy, look for the objects you want. The attraction in the game mode, the details in the game will not cause a feeling of boredom. Successfully completed the game, escaped the policeman Dog.

Mr. Dog mod android

Trap prison

Mr Dog’s house is a real prison. It was extremely difficult to get out of there. Those who step in his place, Mr Dog will hunt and punish. Your life will be threatened by him, so you need to run away quickly before he finds out. Taking place in a dark setting, there is no one to help you. You won’t be able to rely on anyone but yourself. A dark prison with many dangers. Will you escape from here and bring back the necessary items? The pursuit of Mr Dog will also cause difficulties for you to run. A complex, challenging process is waiting for you ahead. Step into the house, search for secrets. Overcome all fears and do miracles.

Mr. Dog mod download

Dangerous chase

The player will be chased by Granny and Grandpa. They will chase even the companions along with the player. With fast running speed, players were able to escape quickly. However, the unfortunate thing that happened was that the friend was arrested. At this point, you will need help to get your friend out of this place. Start the arduous journey at the house. To not be detected by them, you need to keep quiet and find objects to escape quickly. There are always forces behind to help Mr Dog. Players need to pay attention and have their strategies not to make them find out. Otherwise, the chase will start again. The challenges will also be more and more, giving players different levels of emotions. Overcome the pursuit, quickly help your friend get out of the scary dark place.

Mr. Dog mod

Hide and seek with the police

This is considered hide-and-seek between you and Mr Dog. He is the policeman in this area and has supreme authority. He also has a lot of people to assist in hunting you down. The higher the levels go, the more difficult things will become. Players will also need to have specific tactics to expose Mr Dog’s evil personality. Must search for objects in the house, escape from the police. Finding a safe haven is also a quick way to escape the police. A whole process with countless pitfalls will be brought. A night of terror in Mr Dog’s own house. Download Mr. Dog mod runs the house and rescues the friend.

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