Mr Autofire MOD APK 2.3.1 (Menu/One hit)

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NameMr Autofire APK
PublisherLightheart Entertainment
MOD FeaturesMenu/One hit
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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V1: One hit


  • One hit
  • Unlimited money

Hateful monsters always have a hidden power that destroys everything. They are always a dangerous force you need to kill in the game world. Mr Autofire is a perfect combination of shooting and extreme reflexes. Players will hold guns to make consecutive attacks on hordes of cruel monsters. Just shoot and shoot, aim at all the targets you want. The task is straightforward, but can you pass? Join the shooting in Mr Autofire to find out the answer.

Mr Autofire mod

Download Mr Autofire mod – Shooting skills with super fast reflexes

Mr Autofire brings a pretty interesting story. An alien wanted to take over the earth that sent monsters down here. The whole world counts on you as the only belief that can defeat them. Transform into a brave warrior, possessing many unique skills to confront monsters. You will also be equipped with guns to attack the enemy, not giving them a chance to survive. In addition, a quick reflex to deal with any unexpected situations is also important. Pay attention to every action that monsters will make, stopping the evil plot they are carrying out.

Mr Autofire mod apk

The aliens never wanted to give up their intention to destroy the earth. That’s why they always find ways to fight and kill you at all costs. That’s why the continuous shooting wars broke out. Challenges are also constantly brought, making the warrior need to be more aggressive. Although not too difficult to play, Mr Autofire is also considered a top game and requires many skills to play. Accurate aiming and determination to fight back will bring high results. Whether the world is out of danger or not is up to you. Conquer all levels, and become a great shooter.

Mr Autofire mod download

Hundreds of destructive weapons

The weapons in Mr Autofire are unique and all have strong destructive power. All of them give you the ability to attack formidable, eliminate all enemies. Designed with many different shapes and colors. Initially, when you come to the first level, you will experience Fire Shot, Poison Shot, Fast Shot, Adrenaline… Later, when the monster’s destructive power is more formidable, it will switch to Chain shot, Buck shot, and more. You will discover a powerful arsenal of weapons, choosing to use in each case. Whether the opponent is strong or weak, it is necessary to use equipment that deals corresponding damage. When you reach the next level, get new weapons and fight the strongest monster bosses.

Mr Autofire mod android

Freedom to make moves, actions

The only task that Mr Autofire requires is to shoot and destroy opponents. At the same time, avoid counterattacks from the opponent’s own cause, and defend yourself safely. The important element to incorporate said from the beginning is reflex. Unfortunately, there are not too many dangers in the first levels. At that time, you can relax without focusing on attacking too much. However, when gradually reaching a higher level, things are no longer easy. Aliens will divide monsters gathered in every corner, creating danger for you. At this time, it is necessary to move continuously and find the safest direction. Depending on how the game is going, you need to have an intelligent way to improvise and master the game.

Mr Autofire mod free

The ability to see and how attack intelligently

The shooting mechanism is equipped with an automatic feature. You just need to point the gun at the target and the bullets will be fired continuously. To overcome all the dangers, you need many other skills. Jump, run fast to dodge the bullets caused by monsters. You also need to have foresight, observing all the surrounding areas. This will help to avoid surprise attacks from the enemy. The higher the level, the more difficult it is for monsters to defeat. The calm, the tactics in each shooting is also the decisive thing to win or lose. To do this, it is also time to master all the operations in the game. Knowing how to combine all skills will be the premise to creating victory. Download Mr Autofire mod to save the world from the dangerous actions of monsters and aliens.

Download Mr Autofire MOD APK (Menu/One hit) for Android

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