Monster Kart MOD APK 0.2.3 (Menu/All Karts Unlocked)

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NameMonster Kart APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/All Karts Unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Drive funnily and reach the finish line at number one in Monster Kart. You need a simple racing game to entertain when you don’t have much time. Monster Kart is the most suitable name for you. The sketchy graphics do not speak to its actual quality. Instead, players will focus on the tracks and opponents they have to face. Control the racing car’s movement with both fingers and unique back and forth screen shaking. You’ve probably seen this mechanic on many racing games. However, Monster Kart will be completely different when played on a vertical screen. It’s rare to find a racing game that can be played on a vertical screen.

Monster Kart mod

Download Monster Kart mod – Racing with fascinating creatures

This game is straightforward. As soon as you enter the game, you can start the races immediately. Choose your favorite race car and character and set off. The track is not confined to a small area but is connected to a series of large terrains. At the start of the race, all cars will be placed at the starting line and countdown. The race started when the whistle blew. Everyone put their whole strength into seizing the leading position. Your rank will be displayed on the screen during the race. Up to 10 players can participate in a given race. Whoever touches the finish line first will be the winner.

Monster Kart’s competitiveness can be much higher than other racing games when you don’t have a lot of items or something to support to speed up or slow down your opponent. All just used their skills to overcome the terrain. There are only acceleration zones located on the track open to all players. Try to find ways to push the opponent out to prevent them from entering the same place. Breakthrough to the finish line to win spectacularly. The whole race will be a fierce competition between many players. Because there is nothing to support, everyone will race with their strength.

Monster Kart mod apk

Set new records

You will create your records when you reach the finish line within a particular time. The more time is reduced, the form will be replaced continuously. There is a record ranking of all players in the world. Conquering this is also an exciting journey in Monster Kart. Because when you reach the finish line with a new record, even you and your opponent will see a notification about the history. Competition is increasing day by day. Each racing mode will have different record milestones. Don’t let your record be broken continuously. The more players invent new strategies, the shorter the form will be.

Taking advantage of the terrain

The entire race in Monster Kart spans a lot of terrains. High mountains, unexpected turns to challenge players, and tactical acceleration roads. When creating a race, the landscape will be randomly set. So no one knows in advance how the track will be. The whole thing is random, and you must guess the direction accordingly. If you have mastered how to move skillfully, find a way to kick your opponent. Take advantage when they enter the acceleration zone, then bump and push out of that area. You will then speed up and eliminate opponents at a great distance. You are not alone, but many players know this strategy.

Monster Kart mod apk free

Combination of flexible operations

Every racing car has three primary operations: pressing the gas and two secondary skills. That’s right; there’s no left-right scroll; you’ll do this by tilting the screen in different directions. The rest is to hold down the throttle continuously to move forward. In addition, there are two supporting skills for each type of vehicle. If the cars favor speed, they can jump a distance longer than the opponent. However, the car is extremely durable and strong enough to push the opponent out of the race. Each type of vehicle has its skills and requires you to use it in the race to be reasonable. Regardless of the kind of car, there is a disadvantage; there is still a chance that you will finish in the first place.

The spartan race will be played in no more than 5 minutes. Convenient for those who are busy with work and need a short break. Monster Kart is suitable for all ages of players. Simple, friendly graphics, convenient way to move, and need to manipulate with smartphones physically. Reach the finish line spectacularly and set new records. These factors have created an attractive and time-consuming Monster Kart mod that does not take up much space or time for players.

Download Monster Kart MOD APK (Menu/All Karts Unlocked) for Android

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