Monster Hunter Stories MOD APK 1.0.4 (Menu/Unlimited money, items)

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NameMonster Hunter Stories APK
PublisherCAPCOM CO., LTD.
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money, items
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation
  • Max monsters usage
  • Max monster level
  • God mode
  • Max player level

Monster Hunter Stories is a game that takes you to a world with monsters. Face them and defend yourself. What will you do against their onslaught? Stand still for them to kill or brace yourself to fight back? Surely, you will not succumb to them and find your own solutions. Quickly get into battle, identify opponents, and counterattack. The enemies will always come towards you, and they will carry out evil purposes. Protect yourself against such attacks and take measures to combat them. Monster Hunter Stories – a place for players to start a fierce battle.

Monster Hunter Stories mod free

Download Monster Hunter Stories mod – Regain freedom and slay brutal monsters

Countless monsters will appear and cause you difficulties. They attack consecutively and bring about a game with many fluctuations. Your life will constantly face dangers. Monster Hunter Stories is one of many games where players get to fight. Fight all the ferocious monsters and make high achievements. Get your freedom back and no longer be chased by them. Monster Hunter Stories opens a world of chaos and brings many events. Challenges and countless powerful attacks from opponents. As one of the talented heroes, you will be able to fight many of those brutal bad guys.

Monster Hunter Stories mod

Players will have the task of attacking and destroying monsters. Their strength, as well as the army is extremely powerful. Therefore, players will also need to have their own strategies. Quickly prevent and remove malicious intent from them. Claim your name and make a battle of equal skill, equal strength. You will perform with thousands of different operations, using weapons to increase combat power. Every monster will no longer be a hindrance and make you afraid. They will be quickly defeated by you, just need determination and skills. It will become a reality. To join and start with the journey to find freedom for yourself.

Monster Hunter Stories mod apk

Team building

The forest you come to will appear as an egg. Pick it up and let it hatch, from which you will have more teammates. They are hatched and can join you in battle. Name it and raise it to grow up day by day. Then do the training so that it can join you to destroy the enemy. Its great role and power will be the greatest weapon to be able to fight monsters. Live with it and give it more skills to fight opponents. Together with you, quickly attack and do many miracles. Build allies and make every monster die. Start with Monster Hunter Stories and stand up with your teammates against the bad guys.

Monster Hunter Stories mod download

Evil monsters

The opponent that you have to face is the evil monsters. They have a large army and always surround you. All of them are big and have high fighting strength. Names like Fanged Beast, Flying Wyvern, Leviathan, Bird Wyvern, Herbivore… All will combine and create the strongest army. Be quick to handle and counterattack strongly, don’t get killed by them. Lots of different types of monsters, each with different abilities and attacks. Combine with your army and quickly destroy all those evil monsters. How long does it take to ruin their lives? It depends on your strategy and how you attack their side.

Monster Hunter Stories mod android

Various missions

The game will provide players with a multitude of missions. Complete and get new missions. To quickly get back in-game items and upgrade yourself to new levels. Monster Hunter Stories with diverse levels of play and does not make you bored. Constantly changing and bringing new developments to each battle. Together with their comrades, they fight against ferocious monsters. From there, get bonuses and equip yourself with new weapons. Improve combat strength as well as contribute to the end of the war. Get the win and unlock more rewards. Download Monster Hunter Stories mod against brutal monsters.

Download Monster Hunter Stories MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, items) for Android

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