Monster Fishing 2022 MOD APK v0.3.5 (Unlimited money)

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NameMonster Fishing 2022
PublisherNexelon inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Sea adventure and catch many different species of fish. Monster Fishing 2021 is a fishing game that is being loved by many people. Sit on the shore and drop your fishing rod, immersing yourself in the natural atmosphere. A beautiful scene will appear right in Monster Fishing 2021. Giving players a variety of fish species, collecting the most fish. Each level will bring you new experiences. Set yourself goals and accomplish them to the best of your ability. Come to Monster Fishing 2021 and start with an exciting fishing trip. Enjoy the feeling of relaxation by the fishing rod, waiting for your results.

Monster Fishing 2021 mod

Download Monster Fishing 2022 mod – Fishing adventure

You love going fishing, Monster Fishing 2021 is a choice. Fishing is not easy, players also need to wait patiently. Start with fishing for small fish, explore the beautiful scenery here. Monster Fishing 2021 brings the most relaxation and peace to players. You will be relieved of all stress, immersed in the game screen. When you collect a lot of big fish, you will also get a lot of bonuses. Start with a long journey on the vast sea, conquering all species of fish. Create memories at a beautiful island in the ocean, go on a fishing adventure.

Monster Fishing 2021 mod apk

Grab the fishing rod and get the fish you want. Baskets full of fish are the desire of many players. A lot of fish will appear in different sizes. To catch big fish is not easy. You need skills to see it quickly. It would also be easy for you to imagine being eaten by dangerous fish, right? But that will never happen. Monster Fishing 2021 for players to come to this adventure, collect a lot of fish. Create beautiful moments and unforgettable memories on each trip.

Build an aquarium

What do you think about building your aquarium? It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Players will be free to build aquariums and take care of them. Let’s put a lot of fish in the lake and feed them every day. Create a new habitat for fish to grow. Control and ensure the fish grow up day by day. In addition to catching fish to sell for money, this is also a way to bring joy and positive experiences.

250 species of fish in the world

Hundreds of rare fish species are provided by Monster Fishing 2021. For each fish species, players will need to have a different fishing method. Quickly catch a lot of fish and bring in large amounts of money. Make them bite and help the player complete his level. Observe and come up with tactics so that fishing will no longer be too difficult. In addition, Monster Fishing 2021 also has other sea creatures. Create diversity and let players explore the vast ocean. Shrimp, crab, fish, and more. Step into a vast sea space, get the biggest fish. To be able to achieve a large number of fish, upgrade new skills. Conquer all the fish that Monster Fishing 2021 brings.

Monster Fishing 2021 mod free


The only weapon available to you in the game is the fishing rod. Use it and place more prey to be able to catch fish. After the higher levels, the big fish appear more and more. At this point, the player needs to upgrade the fishing rod. Go to the shopping store and use the bonus to buy more boosters. Replaced with a longer and stronger fishing rod. From there will make the fish bite the hook faster, the number of fish that the player achieves will also increase. In addition, you should also invest in additional coils. It will significantly assist in long trips, dealing with fish in the depths and constantly equipping the necessary equipment for players to achieve the highest achievements.

Enjoy the ocean view and immerse yourself in this world. Go on endless adventures to catch fish. Monster Fishing 2021 will bring attractive game modes for you to challenge yourself. Own the special fish, get many bonuses. Download Monster Fishing 2021 mod to experience the ocean around the globe.

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