Minecube MOD APK 0.3.6 (Unlimited money)

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NameMinecube APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Minecube tests the life of a hard-working miner, going to break all the pieces of land in the map. You will coordinate personnel to go to new outcrops and perform mining there. With the ax in hand, dig manually until the high lands gradually decrease. You can compete with many people simultaneously, fighting each other for every square foot, so stay focused. Go to more maps than expected, and explore the full functionality that the game has to offer. Using human resources is essential; you will accelerate the speed if you have a strategy. Mining speed must be controlled for the workforce boost feature you can use.

Minecube apk free

Download Minecube mod – Become a professional miner

Mining in real life is quite hard for those who are not healthy enough. With Minecube, it will be gentler with you, just sitting and using your fingers, you can control the army. You need to increase the number of people because this mining takes longer than you think. As the level increases, the mining land also increases, which is also your source of life. Go to larger areas, master it, the better. You must arrive earlier than others, otherwise your chances of conquering the golden peak are reduced. Your professionalism is reflected in the speed and results achieved. Come to this race, let your blood dry up, dispute each piece of land.

Blue represents lush lands, brown represents mountains and more colors. Minecube is equipped with enough maps for you to explore, you will decide the turns. You need money to conquer more new spaces and talented troops. Their health will significantly help you in the mining process, fast in each execution. You will grow up daily through each level, and your ability to endure hardship also increases. Conquer many territories, and set foot in distant lands to see the fertility. Every scene and player is depicted in lego form, like being put together to look extremely cute.

Minecube mod

Miner development

Your body will grow day by day, it is an arduous upgrade journey. It would help if you evolved the character to the maximum, when possessing superior strength, you can dig as fast as the wind. Their work needs to be shared every day, joining hands together will make a big deal. You have the right to collect personnel objects into your team, the more the better. Upgrade them to grow bigger, zoom in to look giant. The number will also overwhelm the opponent. The more employees you have, the faster you get to land. So let them work every day, from minor to big things, and with a lot of training, they will all become talented miners.

Conquer the map

The map in Minecube is renewed regularly, the update speed is also fast. You will dig from the inside out, going from low to high to be able to thoroughly explore. If you plow for a day, sometimes you can reach your feet quickly, but it will not be effective. You need to compete with others to find your piece of land and make it yours. From the towering place to the easy digging, you will pass easily and slowly accumulate a lot. When you finish digging, you will have space to build a tiny house, which is also a way for you to copyright. Continue to lay the foundation in many other places, and you will be at the top of the table.

Minecube apk

Collect coins

Money in Minecube is significant, it helps you unlock more space. New challenges are also waiting for you there, your talent money automatically increases. Renewing your digging equipment is also a way to make you look healthier and more leisurely. Workers need to be fully equipped before doing the task, coins will support this. Players just dig to where they get coins, there are investments to receive profits. You will have to dig quickly before that money belongs to someone else. So break every platform, conquer the entire map and get numerous valuable bonuses. Go further in the levels, speeding up the accumulation of assets.

Minecube simulates a mining version of hard workers. From small people, after a few upgrades have become enormous. Take your personnel far, but be compensated with huge bonuses. The hard work will cover this place; the speed also urges the miners to work productively. Wherever you go to mark your sovereignty, you will become the king of mining. Download Minecube mod, join hands with miners to reap many valuable lands and countless other rewards.

Download Minecube MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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