Metal Soldiers 2 MOD APK v2.84 (Unlimited money)

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NameMetal Soldiers 2
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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What will you do when your army has fallen down, you are alone in the battle? Fight to get everything back or accept that painful present? Metal Soldiers 2 will be the place for you to make your decision. With strength and courage, go into battle to avenge your teammates. Perform decisive combat, destroy all invading enemies in the area. The struggle continues to occur, for players to face many complex challenges. Ready to start each battle, using all abilities to destroy all formidable enemies. Quickly destroy all enemies, participate in challenging missions.

Metal Soldiers 2 mod

Download Metal Soldiers 2 mod – Defeat invading enemies

Metal Soldiers 2 is the arduous journey of soldiers participating in combat. Facing a dangerous situation and being defeated by the opponent, the whole army lost. You are the only one who gives hope, able to regain what is lost belongs to the entire team. Join the war in front of a large army, eliminate all enemies from the area. Destroy the conspiracy, the bases they have built. Each level will create a challenge and need to attack the opponent’s stronghold. Attack forward and use every attack to make the enemy defenseless. Energy will also be consumed when constantly facing many formidable enemy bosses. Try to fight to destroy every enemy in this vast world step by step.

Metal Soldiers 2 mod free

When you learn about the game, you will find that this is the ultimate action-shooter genre. The fighting style gives players the freedom to customize their actions and control their characters. Lead warriors to each battle, show strength in each fighting style. The number of enemies that appear will also increase as you level up. The challenge will be bigger and bigger, and alone you will have to fight a mighty army. Use the keys to move the character to dodge bullets and perform consecutive attacks towards the enemy. Continue with your journey to battle against the evil invaders.

Metal Soldiers 2 mod download

Use combat equipment

The enemy’s attack method cannot be underestimated, and there are many unique abilities. They can execute a lot of projectiles from a distance, making it difficult for you to control the action. At the same time, helicopters and bombs are the enemy’s means of combat. With a gun in hand, can you confront them all? The opponent’s ability will also become stronger than ever at higher levels. At this time, equipping additional support equipment is also extremely necessary. Prepare guns with powerful damage, aim at every target accurately. In addition, you can also use the money to buy armored vehicles, tanks to attack. Break every crate that appears on the way, because the enemy will be hiding there and make many surprise attacks. Every time you complete a mission, Metal Soldiers 2 will also provide new guns for you.

Metal Soldiers 2 mod apk

Selection of different characters

Players will have many choices to find the suitable character to accompany in battle. Metal Soldiers 2 includes 10 different characters, possessing many special skills. Appears with a unique appearance, distinct fighting power. Incarnate into each character and experience the ultimate shooting battles. Chuck, Jackie, Taked, and Saber J will be prominent names that must be mentioned in Metal Soldiers 2. They will be snipers, assassins ready to declare war on any battle. Each character will be a talented warrior, contributing to creating the power to destroy each enemy that appears. Continue to accompany the hero on the long battle ahead.

Metal Soldiers 2 mod android

Mission mode

The top task that the participating players need to perform is to destroy the invader. Present in each position, duel with all enemies when trespassing in the area. Not only that, but Metal Soldiers 2 also has an endless mode with many new challenges. You need to complete all missions before time runs out. Try to collect more items that appear on the way to increase the time. Enemies will also be more robust, with great destructive power that you need to face. The difficulty will also increase, requiring many skills in the process of fighting to be able to overcome the challenge. Join the challenge with each opponent, win in Metal Soldiers 2 mod.

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