Metal Brother MOD APK v1.54b (Menu/God mode/One shot kill/Rapid fire)

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NameMetal Brother APK
PublisherAlbert Zig
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/One shot kill/Rapid fire
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Metal Brother organizes high-class shooting between heroes and monsters. You will fight heroically, as strong as possible. Your gun also works at total capacity, firing bullets continuously without stopping. You bring the wild style to match these resistance matches. You do not need to be protected by high-class irons and helmets, just a member with a tank top to reveal a strong body. However, that does not mean you feel in danger; you can still survive. Players must stay long, defeating as many targets as possible. It would be best to remember that they fly out massively and attack you, dodging in time.

Metal Brother apk free

Download Metal Brother mod – Action with modern guns

Metal Brother gives the player a conventional war gun as a starter. Your role-playing journey is counted from when you hold the gun and the bullets are fired. The opponent will come out slowly or may suddenly speed up without you knowing in advance. That is also a big challenge that you have to face. But there will be a gun to save the disadvantages you have to suffer, a variety of new weapons. It would be best if you also conquered new guns, changed the atmosphere, and better matched the levels. The advancement of each gun helps you win and participate in the international rankings. Continually collect new guns to accelerate this conquest journey.

Metal Brother mod apk

On the one hand, you hold the gun; on the other hand, you use it to cling to objects or anything that appears on the screen. Players take drastic actions and shoot combat bullets whenever they want. Each time you complete a quest, you can unlock new opportunities. Now, you should take advantage of accumulating a new gun, bringing a more explosive feeling. The weapon is also more significant, and the amount of bullets fired is strong to destroy simultaneously. You need to align the shooting angles so that the most suitable because the opponent does not stand still for you to shoot. Metal Brother has an automatic fire mode, so you must move toward the shot to defeat the enemy.

Metal Brother mod

Difficulty increasing

Metal Brother plays at each level; you must go from easy to difficult. Through the game screen, there are different challenges, showing the difference compared to the previous one. The level increases gradually, so you must prepare your mind in advance, always in an upgraded state to catch up with the changing trend. The groups have no overlap, so you don’t have to worry about boredom. The speed or direction of the enemy alone is enough to make you feel different. Conquer the levels, and complete your process in various forms. Each group has its design, and the scene behind you is transformed into multiple colors.

Metal Brother

Great defeat tycoon

The monsters in Metal Brother can all fly in space. Their target is you, always putting your forces, so you have no way back. They come from the right, rushing like the wind to fight you. Their mouths scream your name, always opening their mouths as if they want to eat the character alive. That was scary, not to mention the boss also brought along a bunch of henchmen. They all work together, setting off a furious wave to assassinate the player at the end of the day. Kill these beetle monsters; you can be at peace. Their numbers increase rapidly, so be careful.

Metal Brother apk

Earn coins continuously

If the player succeeds in catching the monster, he will receive a certain amount of money. These coins have great value to add to the condition for you to upgrade the gun. Battle everywhere, from the forest to the city, to help you get money. The volume must increase gradually over time, commensurate with the level you are participating in. Collecting more armor is also one of the tasks you must do right now. You will control your character flexibly, jumping up and down, forward or backward, to approach opponents quickly. Each level requires killing a different number of monsters, and completing them will be rewarded.

Metal Brother and you challenge in the fierce arena between a hero on one side and an evil monster on the other. They are all strange creatures capable of eating humans without warning. You are a lucrative prey, so they can attack and fly at the speed of light to meet you directly. Players also do not hesitate to refuse, rushing with the gun to defeat them. Shoot rapidly and continuously with automatic ammunition, but the fire direction must be controlled. Download Metal Brother mod, and destroy all evil creatures with a quality gun.

Download Metal Brother MOD APK (Menu/God mode/One shot kill/Rapid fire) for Android

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